Is there still milk after breast augmentation surgery?

Understanding the project before supplementing should understand the flow of milk. Because of breast augmentation surgery, you can still breastfeed. By the story of the breast, Khun Ked, 35 years old, came to consult me ​​about the milk coming out of the nipple.

She has had two children, the youngest being 12 years old, and is now using oral contraceptives.

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“Doctor, I didn’t forget to take the birth control pill. Is it possible that I’m pregnant?”

“How many sides of the milk is flowing?” I didn’t answer.

“It’s two sides.”

“What color is the milk?”

“You’d better see it by yourself.” Khun Ked opened his breast to look at. Then put your hand on the nipple. I saw clear white milk flowing out.

“It looks like milk,” I said.

“Yes, like clear milk. Will this be pregnant?”

Generally, the milk flows I’m not pregnant is that milk is born after childbirth or after miscarriage Except at 7 months of pregnancy, the breast is fully prepared. If nipples are stimulated, the milk comes out.” I explained in the first place. Most women If the milk flows, they tend to think that they are pregnant.

“however If in doubt, you can take a urine test. whether there are hormones of pregnancy or not,” I suggest.

The results of the urine test revealed that Single check bar show that you are not pregnant

“So can this be breast cancer?” Khun Kid’s face was not good.

“This white flowing milk is not breast cancer. But it was considered abnormal.”


“It’s like this. Milk flow is considered normal if it is born in a new female baby within 14 days, which involves the mother’s hormones stimulating the flow of milk.

But the flow of milk is abnormal. in children, in adolescence, in non-pregnant women or was born in the postpartum period without breastfeeding for more than 6 months, or was born after a miscarriage for more than 6 months

“What’s wrong with this, Doctor?”

“There is a hormone that is directly involved in the production of milk. is the hormone prolactin Abnormal lactation is often associated with an increase in prolactin in the body. or it may be related to the reduction of dopamine. This substance is responsible for preventing the secretion of prolactin. Decreased dopamine increases the number of projections.

Therefore, taking drugs or hormones that increase prolactin or the abnormal body produces more prolactins, causing the milk to flow.”

Dear reader

Drugs or hormones that have side effects that cause a lot of milk flow

Side effects of drugs that cause milk to flow

  1. Birth control pills, whether oral, injectable, or implanted.

Medicines such as metoclopramide, antipsychotics (SSRI, tricyclic antidepressant), cough medicine (Codeine), allergy medication (histamine receptor blockade), and cimetidine.

Abnormal conditions that cause milk to flow

  1. Tumors of the pituitary gland pituitary (Pituitary) these tumors make the milk flow by stimulating the production of the hormone prolactin and suppress the production of dopamine
  2. Hypothalamus brain tumor These tumors destroy the ganglia that produce the dopamine. increase the hormone prolactin
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland. Whether low or high thyroid hormone disease can make the milk flow
  4. Kidney failure: 30% of kidney failure patients have high prolactin hormones due to the inability of the kidneys to eliminate hormones from the body.
  5. Cirrhosis, which results in high prolectin hormone.
  6. A condition in which the mammary nerve stimulates the mammary glands, causing milk to flow.

The condition in this article is common. found that nipple stimulation Persistent or severe breast or chest muscles May cause milk to flow, such as puppies whose mother dog has died. Go suck a young cat. Young cats can secrete milk to feed the puppies, so breast stimulation from sex. breast surgery shingles infection on the chest can make the milk flow

  1. I don’t know why.

There is an unexplained lactation. Most of the milk flows on one side. It is believed that the mammary glands of people with lactation are more sensitive to prolactin in their bodies than others.

“So why doesn’t the doctor’s milk flow, don’t think it’s cancer?”

“Most lactation is not cancer. But if the water that flows from the nipple It’s not milk, but blood, pus, or lymph. which usually occurs on one breast This is likely to be a benign tumor of the milk duct. breast cyst or breast cancer.”

“Then, like this mouse How do you know if the milk flow is caused by what?

“According to the history and physical examination the doctor examined you and found that it was normal, therefore, the flow of milk is unlikely to be a serious cause. It is unlikely to be caused by various diseases because..

If you have low thyroid disease You will have sluggishness, coldness, irregular menstruation, infertility.

If you have toxic thyroid disease, you will have symptoms such as palpitations, palpitations, hunger easily, weight loss, bulging eyes, difficulty having children.

If the disease is a tumor of the pituitary gland and brain. You may have a severe headache. Gigantism, staggered gait, abnormal vision, convulsions, spasticity

If it is a kidney failure You may have paleness, swelling, weakness, and hair loss.

If there are symptoms that are suspected to be a disease, it must be diagnosed as a disease.

but for you which has no abnormal symptoms other than milk flow Diagnosing exactly what caused the milk flow. Relies on blood testing to see the level of prolactin hormone if it is higher than 200 nanograms per cc. computed tomography required or brain magnetic resonance tomography to detect pituitary and brain tumors

The results of the blood test revealed that Mr. Ged’s hormone prolactin was normal at 24 nanograms per cc (normally no more than 30).

“The reason why you have milk flowing Probably related to oral contraceptives together with nipple and breast stimulation Not likely to be caused by other serious diseases. The practice is to stop taking oral contraceptives. may use a condom before Do not let anyone touch or poke your nipples. Do not wear tight underwear. because it will stimulate the milk flow The doctor will prescribe a drug to reduce prolactin hormone. tin (Bromocriptine) for you to take.”

“Maybe it’s what the doctor said. Because my girlfriend likes to play with my breasts a lot,” said Mr. Ked, embarrassed.

In Khun Ked’s case, when he came for an appointment 4 weeks later, it was found that the lactation had completely disappeared. So I told Khun Ged to stop taking prolactin-lowering pills. And from the case mentioned, it may not be directly related to breast augmentation surgery, but it’s a question that has been asked a lot if breast augmentation can help us breastfeed or not. The answer is yes.

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