Is LeoVegas casino safe in India?

Online gaming is all the rage right now. India has among the highest number of smartphone users in the world, coupled with that are some of the cheapest internet rates in the world. This has made India a big potential market for gaming companies. Among them are the online casinos, who are now accepting players from India too. Novices can visit sites like to get all their questions regarding online gambling answered.

One such online gambling site is LeoVegas. But as online gambling requires you to share your personal and financial data, as well as requires you to deposit real money with them, individuals tend to be skeptical about dealing with a relatively unknown, faceless website. Also, there is an issue regarding the legality of gambling in India. So, let’s find out how safe is LeoVegas, and if it is legal to use it from India.

About LeoVegas

LeoVegas was founded in the year 2011, by a couple of Swedish entrepreneurs. The global operations of the website are in Malta, where it holds an international gambling license from Malta Gaming Authority. Additionally, it also holds licenses in countries like the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The regulators periodically audit their licensees to ensure that they are following fair practices, are financially secure, and paying out promotions and winnings as advertised. If the licensee fails to do so, it is subject to heavy fines, loss of reputation, and even suspension of license in some cases. Therefore, LeoVegas functions in a very transparent manner.

Other than the LeoVegas brand, the parent group also operates various other gaming brands like the Royal Panda, Rocket X, and 

Security of user data

To create an account with LeoVegas, you will have to furnish personal details like name, date of birth, address, and contact details like e-mail id and mobile numbers. Also, when you choose to deposit money in LeoVegas by bank transfers or credit/debit cards, you are required to give details like card number, account numbers, etc. Also, it is but natural that you might be worried about the misuse of such data, especially if there is a hacking attempt.

LeoVegas uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your data in transit and complies with GDPR regulations. Very few employees from LeoVegas have access to the personal data of users and are bound by confidentiality agreements to safeguard the interests of players.

Also, LeoVegas has stringent KYC processes to ensure that all legalities are adhered to. Players have to submit proofs of residences, age, etc. before the site processes their withdrawals. This is done to ensure that winnings end up in the right place, and no illegal activities like money laundering take place.


LeoVegas offers its players 24×7 support in the form of a live chat feature, where executives will guide you through any problems that you might face while using the site, be it account verification or problems regarding deposits. You can also reach out to them via e-mail.

Is it legal to use LeoVegas in India?

Except for Goa, Sikkim, and Daman, casinos are banned in other parts of India. However, since the current gambling laws are more than 150 years old, there is no mention of online casinos or online gambling. Also, since the LeoVegas website is hosted in Malta, it is not subject to Indian laws. Therefore, as the things stand currently, Indians can safely gamble on LeoVegas. It is better option for you to learn more about Food verification site(먹튀검증사이트). 

In a nutshell 

It can be safely said that LeoVegas is one of the safest online casinos around. And it is only because of its robust safety safeguards that it has built its reputation as one of the best online gambling destinations in the world.