Is Choosing to play with Cryptocurrency a Gamble?

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon, beginning with the release of Bitcoin in 2009. Its value has gone up and down, playing ruletti may be more predictable! It was not the aim of the inventor to develop a digital currency, yet without meaning to, he possibly changed the future outlook on cash transactions forever. 

Years later it is still at the top of the market, making it the most important cryptocurrency in existence. In 2022 there are now thousands of cryptocurrencies available to invest in. With Bitcoin the undisputed king, others have tried and failed to muscle in. 

At the moment, Ethereum is the closest currency to even challenge Bitcoin, yet it lags far behind in the value stakes. Speculators are keen to pick the right currency to invest in, yet due to the market being quite volatile and prone to experiencing wild fluctuations, this is unfortunately not so straightforward. Ordinary betting men are nervous and wary of getting involved.

It’s a gamble in itself

Bitcoin and indeed other cryptocurrencies have proven to be a wise investment for many over the years. That is of course if you manage to pick the right one at the right time and strap yourself in for the ride, hopefully going in only one direction, upwards. However, this has proved to be highly unlikely, as even Bitcoin has experienced some serious highs and lows. Investors have made fortunes, but if you are not careful, you may find yourself on the other side of that spectrum and lose it all.

Starting off valued at just over a cent, interest in Bitcoin grew and thus the value has skyrocketed over the years. Anyone in from the start that has managed to hang onto them can probably scarcely believe the heights it has reached. At the time of writing, the value of one Bitcoin was hovering around $37,000. These are the kind of gains that online casino gamblers dream about. Sports betting and games offer great returns and are great fun, but this is a whole different ball game. 

Do Companies take payment in Bitcoin?

It’s unsurprising to learn that two of the most innovative, future-thinking companies in the U.S. accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for their products. Microsoft, developers in computer technology for nearly fifty years, have been taking Bitcoin payments since 2014. While limited to their Xbox store online-only, it was a big statement by the company that they believe Bitcoin is here to stay. Bill Gates, famous worldwide for being the co-founder of Microsoft, is renowned for disliking Bitcoin, due to the amount of energy it consumes.

Another game-changer, was the announcement by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors. A company that designs and sells electric cars, it was probably inevitable they would accept payment in electronic currency. This pushed the value of Bitcoin even higher into the stratosphere, creating millionaires and even billionaires all over the world. Despite changing his mind and suspending payments by Bitcoin, it is likely to be accepted as payment again soon.

Where else can I use my Bitcoin?

Aside from the acceptance of Bitcoin by large companies, many more avenues have become available to holders of Bitcoin over the years. Talk of trading, and of course trading itself, has boosted the usage of Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs, while quite rare, offer the opportunity to convert your Bitcoin into cash, provided you already have some of course. 

There are a variety of travel sites online, offering deals from anything including flight deals to accommodation, which can be paid for in Bitcoin. What’s the point in having it if you’re not going to use it? Get out and explore. 

Famously, the first Bitcoin purchase that’s documented involved a customer buying two pizzas. Now, Bitcoin is not only on the menu for pizza lovers but features right in the sights of the gambling industry. While the offer of a no deposit bonus is a feature of most online casinos, only a few companies have begun to offer the option to pay in Bitcoin. 

Yet, this has opened up a whole new world to gamblers as while they may have had massive funds, they found it hard to find a casino online that allowed them to play with Bitcoin. While it may not be the same as hitting the bright lights of Las Vegas, this gives them the opportunity to gamble online with the currency of their choice.

The Advantages of Gambling with Bitcoin

It’s a well-known fact that Bitcoin owners treasure their anonymity. No personal details are required with online casinos. Just by registering the address of your Bitcoin wallet, you are free to begin playing whenever you wish. The speed at which withdrawals are completed is also a serious bonus to Bitcoin players as the funds do not have to pass through banks or any other institution before it is received.

Because you are essentially cutting out the banks, only small fees will be charged to you for any transactions that take place. These fees are unavoidable and contribute towards the blockchain technology that ensures the smooth running of Bitcoin as a whole. With blockchain, Bitcoin receives a level of security that is pretty much unmatched and far superior to traditional methods of payment. So, with all these factors in your favor, let the gambling begin! 


Investing in Bitcoin right at the beginning may have been one of the biggest gambling masterstrokes of all time. Little did the world know the value would reach such high levels. When it started to become accepted by massive companies with huge reach on the world stage, you know there is no turning back. Yet can it actually compare with the thrills of winning at the slots or gaming tables of an online casino? 

Everyone loves competing in games of chance or skill in the quest to win some money. It is a longstanding form of public entertainment. Yet this digital currency has been making quick inroads into this sector too. Las Vegas still does not allow Bitcoin to be used as a form of payment for casino games. 

Thankfully there are no such problems on the internet and some online casinos hold no qualms about accepting Bitcoin. We are currently witnessing new successes by Bitcoin quite regularly and long may it continue.