Is a 22 or 27 Penny board better?


The fact that Penny Board 22 is smaller than Penny Board 27 enables it to be more easily carried and stored; thus, the larger board is superior when being driven. It is pointed out that both boards are great cruiser skateboards. I prefer the boards, but the advantage of one board is not the disadvantage of another. click here to ckeck more details.

22″ Penny Board

The Penny Board 22″ is the classic Penny Board. It is 22″ long and weighs not much. It can be carried around easily because it’s light and small and easy to carry around. It’s perfect for vacations, as it fits in backpacks and suitcases. Even when you go to a store, take it with you so that you can shop with it.

27″ Penny Board

It’s 27 inches long and 5 inches longer than his smaller brother, it’s not very much longer and just a bit heavier. It’s still so small that you can transport it well and it continues to be easier to take as a longboard, for example. The huge benefit of the 27″ penny board is that it is much more stable during driving in most cases and works better in general.

What is the use of a penny board?

The penny board is similar to the mini-cruiser and is a type of skateboard designed for cruising around town. It is smaller than a traditional skateboard, with softer wheels, making it easier to go over rough terrain.

Benefits of the penny board

Penny boards were developed as cruiser boards, and are convenient for commuting. They are small and lightweight, so they can easily fit into a backpack. The wheels are larger and softer than most skateboards designed for the streets, so they are able to overcome minor landscape obstacles, such as bumps and crushed stone.

Is a penny board good for a newbie?

The answer is Yes and no. If you want to simply learn how to skate – not do tricks – a Penny Board permits practically anyone to learn how to skate easily. They are very affordable, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used for skating. If you’re completely fresh to skateboarding, a Penny Board will make it easier for you to learn all the necessary rudiments.

However, as you gain experience, you can outgrow your Penny Board. Skateboarders who see it a trendy Instagram game often see Penny as a class for beginners.

If you like this, Penny can be a good way to get acquainted with skateboarding. For riders under the age of 12, we suggest going with the 22-inch model. For riders over 12, we recommend going with the 27-inch model. This will allow your feet to rest more comfortably.


Penny boards were created as cruising boards, and are excellent for commuting. They’re small and light-weight so they can comfortably be packed away in a backpack. The wheels are somewhat bigger and more subdued than typical sidewalk skateboards, meaning they’ll easily be able to go over cracks, pebbles, and other challenging surfaces.