Introduction To The Function Of ACNH Pearl – What Can You Do With Pearl

Recently, players who play the game of ACNH are asking, what is the use of pearls in the game? Pearl was launched after the summer version of ACNH was updated. Pearl can make a lot of things, so the players in the game are actively involved in the work of catching pearl. The following is an introduction to the function and price of Animla Crossing pearl. Let’s have a look!

What’s The Use Of Animal Crossing New Horizons Pearls

  1. Pearls can be made from furniture. Pearls are the necessary material for making Mermaid series furniture. 20 pearls are required for a full set of production.
  2. Pearls can be used to brush money bells. If the money is not enough, you can sell the pearls for money. The price of pearls is 10000 ACNH bells. After making Mermaid series furniture, the remaining pearls can also be used to sell money. However, as it is valuable material, it is not recommended to sell it before completing all DIY.
  3. It can be used as decoration. Pearls can be used as decorations in appropriate places. However, as props cannot be [decorated here], they can only be [placed here]. Therefore, when opening the island, be careful not to be taken away by strangers.

PS: pearls cannot be donated. Pearls can be obtained by diving, but unlike other marine creatures, they cannot be donated to the museum. After collecting pearls, they can be directly used as materials.

Methods Capture Beetles In ACNH

How to catch the beetle in the game? Since July, great changes have taken place in the insects in ACNH. The species of insects on the island have increased significantly this month. Many players will begin to catch new insects. The following is an introduction to the capture skills and refresh mechanism of Animal Crossing items beetles.

  • The most efficient way to brush beetles is to transform the material island. First, make sure that the time can brush out the insects you want, and then brush Bamboo Island. He took some fruit, axe and shovel with him. When he arrived at the Bamboo Island, he cut down the bamboo and dug the pile. Smash all the stones, pick all the flowers, plant the flower roots on the beach on the left, and then pick up all the things on the ground and throw them on the reef on the right.
  • Then move the two coconut trees on the right to the left to ensure that the coconut trees are on the left, and there are two coconut trees with the same horizontal line.
  • Then dig all the pits on the beach on the right and the grass in the middle, and then you can run up and down, and the coconut tree can run back out of sight. Just refresh the horizontal two coconut trees in that row. Brush two at a time. If you don’t want it, run away and repeat the steps. If you want to catch it, lift the net as early as possible, push the rocker and slowly move over to catch it. It is recommended to catch 2500 nets with a wide range of supplementary nets, which can generally be caught.

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