Injury on someone else’s property: All you need to know about a premise lawyer

A premise lawyer is a specialized lawyer who provides legal services to people that may have injured themselves accidentally on somebody’s property. Typically before a premise lawyer can help you, you have to establish a case of negligence on the part of the property owner. A premise lawyer is also known as a premise liability lawyer as they help get compensation for people that have been injured on someone else’s property.

How to hire the best premise liability lawyer

Several considerations are involved in the hiring of a premise lawyer. When looking for a premise lawyer to hire for your injury case, you should not just go for one who is specialized in torts. You will need a premise lawyer who has a diverse area of specialization.

The lawyer should be knowledgeable in significant practice areas like corporate litigation, land use, and many other practice areas. But the scope of the lawyer’s duty depends on what the person was doing on the property during the accident. Nevertheless, property owners are held responsible if someone gets injured in their properties due to their negligence.

Some of the common examples of accidents that can cause injury in somebody’s property

Slip and falls: Accidental slip and fall can injure people that are located on a property. This could be students in a school, workers on a construction site, shoppers at a shopping mall, or workers at a manufacturing site.

Stairway accidents: Building parts like stairways that are poorly lit and are outdated compared to modern building codes. Such stairways/building parts might be validating certain parts of property law and then lead to people getting injured in the process.

Construction accidents: In the construction industry, many accidents happen daily. However, just only a few of these are attributed to the negligence of the property owner. The construction industry is the most dangerous in the world and witnesses thousands of incidents every day from thousands of construction project sites worldwide. Some construction accidents include caving in of excavation walls on workers, falling off a construction worker from the site, slipping due to unwanted objects on-site, falling into holes in the ground, sinking, and drowning.

Accidents caused by poor maintenance: Certain accidents are caused by the poor daily maintenance of a certain property. People can get injured due to the presence of broken glass or a poorly maintained staircase.

Food poisoning: People can sue a premise owner due to the nature of the food on his property. This means that the premise owner is usually liable for the type of foods that they offer people in their properties.

Most common injuries sustained from cases involving premise liability

Certain common injuries can be sustained in cases involving premises liability. This includes:

Lacerations: Lacerations like deep cuts (often with bleeding) around anywhere in the body.

Foodborne illnesses: Food illnesses caused by food served in a premises can also be classified as a premise liability case

Injuries to the brain and head: These are obvious examples of injuries to be compensated for.

Dog bites: Victims of dog bites on a property can get compensation for their injuries afflicted by a dog bite.

Broken bones and fractured bones: Injuries resulting from broken and fractured bones can be compensated.

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