Important things to know about iPhone battery replacement


If you feel like your iPhone battery needs to be replaced, you should consider taking the battery in an Apple store by yourself or you can choose to send it to an Apple Repair Center. If the type of replacement you want is not complicated, the replacement can easily be done while you wait. In some circumstances, you will be needed to send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center and wait for at least two to three days before you can receive your phone back.

If you are in a situation where you cannot leave your home without a charger, your friends and family are used to your iPhone is dead or you know very well that your iPhone drains its battery very fast, what you need is an iPhone battery replacement. Many places can replace your iPhone battery but you have to be very careful with the place that you choose for your battery replacement.

Can the iPhone battery be replaced?

Many people are struggling with their iPhones because of battery issues. Most of these people do not even have an idea if their iPhone battery can be replaced. Just like any other phone, your iPhone battery can easily be replaced with the help of the right experts. iPhone batteries are replaceable but it is not as easy as replacing those old cell phones before the smartphone era came into existence. If you want your iPhone battery replaced, you can choose to go to Apple Repair shop direct or you can choose any other experts who can do the work for you. Many people think that replacing the battery by themselves will be a cheaper option but that might end ruining the phone. Although all iPhone batteries can be replaced, there are those models that can cost more than others.

Ways to replace an iPhone battery

There two ways through which you can get your iPhone battery replaced. The first way is through sending the iPhone battery to an Apple Repair Center and the second way is through taking your iPhone to the Apple repair center by yourself. You can also take your iPhone to Apple authorized location for your iPhone battery replacement. Many people prefer to take their phones to the repair center by themselves, wait for some minutes before the battery is replaced, and handed over to you. You will have to pay a certain fee for the battery replacement though.

The cost of battery replacement

There are those replacements that can be done for free and those that will require you to pay for the repair. If your iPhone still has a warranty, or you simply have an AppleCare+ plan, you will not spend a dime for your battery replacement. If your iPhone is out of warranty and you do not have the AppleCare+ plan, you will be charged a certain fee depending on the model of your iPhone.