How you should maintain your standby generator

If you depend on your generator, then make sure that you care for your generator by maintaining and servicing. Generator keeps your family enlightened by generating power. If you don’t maintain or servicing your generator routinely, then you throw your generator are in risk of not turning or functioning well.

So, it’s important if you want your generator run spontaneously without servicing from a high running hour. With proper maintaining, generator will provide excellent service, high efficiency as well as save money from servicing. If you want to know how to maintain and when it should be done, then you should read this article.

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Daily maintenance

  • You have to check the fuel tank leakage, lubricant, and coolant leakage daily. If it’s been leak, then repair immediately.
  • To check the engine, you should check engine coolant heater if it’s working properly. If the temperature is below average, then it’s not functioning well and it may cause of engine coolant failure.
  • Next you have to check the quantity of the battery to know how much it’s left to repair again.
  • You can check the fan blades and water pump if it’s become dirty.
  • Also you have to check the circuit breaker of the generator manually.

Weekly maintenance

Weekly maintenance is as same as daily maintenance. You have to check the coolant and lubricant leakage so that you can take proper steps to repair it. The next thing you should do is, checking the battery quantity to know when to bring new fuels.

Monthly maintenance

  • You have to check the delivery status of fuel and its elevation. If anything being wrong, contact with the technician.
  • The next thing is checking the exhaust system if it’s been leak or higher resistance and discharge of fuel. It’s quite important to know about exhaust system.
  • If resistance value of air filter is not average, high or below average, it needs to be repaired.
  • Radiator should be check if it’s become leak or less crowdie.
  • The most important thing is checking the battery pack line. If battery liquid is beyond the limit which is 1.26, it should be charged immediately. This should be check twice a month.
  • If the maintenance tools are incomplete, you have to check it.
  • Carefully check the intake ventilation of the generating sets since it measures the performance of the generators. So, it’s an important task.
  • You have to check the generator through some symptoms like excessive exhaust of gas, high pitched noise, coolant leakage or abnormal vibration. You should run the generator twice a month without load to check if it runs good at least 10-15 minutes. By this, you will get to know, if your generator needs service.

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So, this is all about maintaining a generator properly a routine basis. If you check it properly, your generator will provide good performance and you don’t need to service for a long time. Eventually, it saves your money and you get high performance from the generators.