How to Wear a Pocket Watch: A Guide for the Modern Gentleman

Attaching a pocket watch to a waistcoat is one of the most traditional methods to wear one for a special event, such as a wedding. This design is traditional and always attractive, making it an excellent choice for a formal appearance. This is also ideal for case you don’t want to wear a complete three-piece suit, such as while attending a summer wedding.

When to Wear a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are extremely versatile, and can be used on almost any occasion. These watches are the epitome of sophistication, and are a perfect accessory for any social or business gathering.  According to Mr. Pennies, a good way to wear a pocket watch is when you’re traveling on a long trip. It can be worn around your neck and you’ll be seen as sophisticated and gentlemanly. This is one of the best options for wearing a pocket watch to a casual summer wedding.  Wear Your Pocket Watch on Your Wedding Day  One of the most amazing reasons to wear a pocket watch is on your wedding day. People may believe that this is only worn at ceremonies or when an event like a wedding is coming up.  However, the truth is that they can be worn every day of the week, from the office to the cinema.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch

This is a more casual way to wear one. If you’re attending a more casual event like a party or a barbecue, this is the style to wear. Tucking your watch under your cufflinks or through the opening of your jeans will give it a more informal look.  How to Wear a Pocket Watch  If you don’t want to wear a full three-piece suit for a casual event, you can wear a single pocket watch. This is ideal for people who don’t want to step up to a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, but still want a more formal look. A wristwatch doesn’t look as sophisticated and fashionable as a pocket watch, but you can wear it for a more casual occasion.

Types of Pocket Watches

There are four different types of pocket watches, each with a different purpose and appeal to their audience.  Timer Watch  The timer watch is a traditional style that has the functionality to keep time.  In other words, the timer watch is very functional in its functionality, but the design is not the best-looking pocket watch you’ll ever see. The movement of a timer watch is fixed, whereas the moving parts in the various other pocket watches are able to produce different motions.  The timer pocket watch is usually seen with black or white on a silver watch case, and most pocket watches with this movement will be made in steel. The mechanism used in the movement will also be completely black and silver, making the pocket watch a little bit dull and over the top at the same time.

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Style and Tips for the Modern Gentleman

A wedding is a special occasion that, as a gentleman, you should take pride in. It’s the one time you can let loose and dress to impress. If you’re attending a wedding, having a pocket watch is a great way to stand out. Since you’re not wearing a three-piece suit, it’s less formal, but it also shows your character.  Pocket watches are currently the most stylish men’s timepieces, and that’s why many men’s wear stores will be offering them for sale as wedding season kicks in. If you’re looking to coordinate your outfit with your pocket watch, here’s how you can wear it for a special occasion.  Buttoned-Up Suit:  An easy way to wear your pocket watch with a suit is by wearing it with a buttoned-up suit, such as a tailor-made white or black dress shirt. The Modern Coffer of Information

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