How to watch movies on soap2day without registering

Soap2day watching movies without registration. Here’s how to watch free streaming movies on without registering, without email, without credit card

It is useless to go around it: soap2day is one of the most used, known and appreciated streaming movie sites in Italy.

After all, it is a constantly updated portal, where users can watch movies and TV series in streaming for free . And when I talk about movies and TV series, I mean:

  1. all films, new and old, including those just released in the cinema and still in theaters
  2. all TV series, new and old, including those just broadcast on Netflix or on satellite TV

In short, it is easy to understand why soap2day is considered a reference point in Italy for illegal streaming.  There is only one problem related to soap2day : when you try to watch a movie or a TV series in streaming, a message appears asking for registration and, in some cases, even the credit card .

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In general, we have already talked about this theme in 2 articles:

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How to stream movies without registration

Today, however, we will still address this issue but we will go into more detail and see a step by step guide to watch movies and TV series streaming on soap2day without registration. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point and see how to reach our goal in the easiest and fastest way possible.

soap2day free streaming without registration

I can guarantee you that the steps to follow are few, simple, clear and within everyone’s reach. You just have to follow them to the letter. Let’s begin!

First of all, since these messages asking for registration are simply ADS, the thing to do is to install  an ad-blocker like uBlock  ( Block internet advertisements with uBlock) and  an extension to block pop-up windows  that open continuously in automatic ( How To Block Popups And Ads On Chrome: The Best Extension).

That way you are already half done. But you’re not done yet.

When you try to stream a movie on soap2day , you are presented with a window like this:

The most important thing is DO NOT CLICK the Download, Watch Now or Register buttons. It is in fact misleading advertising that you must ABSOLUTELY AVOID.

So what should we do? Simple:

Go just below, where you see the names of some video hosting sites like Speedvideo ,  Wstream ,  Mixdrop , Akvideo,  Nitroflare  and click on one of those portals (it’s indifferent, all are fine)

For each movie or TV series you have various links to different video streaming sites:  if one doesn’t work, try another link. Done!

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