How To Use A Packing Tape Dispenser Awesome Tips


Today we will discuss How to use a best packing tape dispenser. Have you been going through problems with the tape dispensers which you simply sold to your huge initiatives and boxes? Or are you contemplating shopping for one? Today’s submission will attempt to solve all of your queries concerning the tape dispenser, its loading, and its use too.

How to use a packing tape dispenser?

So tape dispensers have been in the market for quite some time now and with the growth of online businesses, they have made an even better market for themselves.

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These tape dispensers are easy to use and save your time and energy and be much more efficient in your business than you think.

First, let’s take a look at how we can load our tape dispensers.

  • First, you have to scroll the tape roll into the large wheel of the tape dispenser.
  • Insert it in a way that this roll has the sticky side of the tape roll facing downwards.
  • Next, pull the tape from between the broad blade case and metal guide
  • Now pull the tape over the broad base of the blade and cut it through the sharp-edged blade carefully.
  • Make sure that in the above process the tape is facing downwards; otherwise, it may stick to the broad base of the blade and create an unnecessary hassle for you.
  • Always remain careful while using a packing tape dispenser so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Now slowly pull the tape in a manner that the least tape is there between the tape roll and the blade of the dispenser.
  • This step will ensure that you have a smooth cutting of the tape and a better grip.

How do you use a tape runner?

Place the tip of the tape runner onto the surface and firmly press down. You don’t have to smash it down, just make sure you apply even pressure. Roll the adhesive as needed, then stop and lift the tape runner from the surface. Pushing down too hard can break the tape runner (or the refill part of the tool).

Now we will also tell you how to make sure that you apply your packing tape to the boxes for sealing so that there is a neat sealing and objects or delicate articles remain intact.

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Once you have loaded the tape dispenser, follow the following steps to make the best sealing of your boxes.

  • Firstly place the tape dispenser on one end of the box.
  • Now pull out the tape and stick it to one end of the box.
  • Now slowly slide the tape dispenser, elongating the tape.
  • Make sure that the tape does not leave folds and allow it to constantly connect to the lid of the box.
  • Try to hold a little stress on the tape, this will reduce unwanted folds and will give a clean finish.
  • Lastly, when you reach the other end of the box then tilt the dispenser a little to apply pressure on the blade and cut off the tape.

How do you load a Scotch tape dispenser?

The tape dispenser taken care of must be in your proper state and  facet of the tape ought to be dealing with up. Have the give up of the tape roll dealing with the curler and slicing blade.

If you are having problem setting the roll of tape at the spindle, lay the dispenser down on a flat, strong floor to make matters simple.


Working on these projects can be very time-consuming and annoying without proper apparatus. And a best packing tape dispenser is one such apparatus.

So since you know now how to use these packing tape dispensers you will be spared a lot of trouble and time wastage. Just take care that you use them with care to not hurt your own hands and avoid cuts.

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