How To Select The Best Car Washing Machine In Kenya – Prices, Features &More

If you have a garage business or would like to clean your car at home, a car washing machine is an indispensable gadget. Since there are technological advancements, new car washing machines and fake products are in the market. Read on to know how to get the best product in Kenya.

More often, we evaluate the value of products by looking at their prices. However, specific factors can help you get a suitable device as far as car washing machines areconcerned. You will get a good car washing machine if you use the techniques in this article worth your money. Let’s get started.


Always check whether the machine has high pressure. A 1.2 GMP high pressure is the best,with 2300 PSI. The force of water should cover a large surface area of about 10 inches. Besides the area, also check out the efficiency of the machine. The high pressure should make it easy to use, including cleaning driveways and removing debris on cars.

If you use an electric car washing machine, ensure it consumes enough power to produce high pressure. Sometimes, you can use pressure features to determine the high pressure car wash machine. For instance, an 1800 Watts machine will better produce high pressure if you have a small business or personal use.

Safety and quality

If you want to get an electric car washing machine,  it must have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to handle excessive current in case of a ground fault. A suitabledevice should also be waterproof to use outdoors without interruptions. Continuallyassess the quality by examining the warranty and the maintenance cost.

Humanized design

The machine should be comfortable with the highest output and easy to handle. It should have telescopic handles for portability if you want to carry it around. You cannot overlook the number of nozzles and plugin ports. If you need the machine for a small business, select the one with at least five nozzles for efficiency.

Once more, look for a metal hose connector to prevent any leakage when using the machine under high pressure. The pistol-style grip will come in handy if you opt for high pressure. Therefore, confirm that it comes with the device for durability. The compact design is good to ensure it fits well where you store the machine, and you can quickly repair it when damaged.


Always look out for the price afteranalyzing all the features. As usual, you should expect to find different prices for several manufacturers. Most importantly, let the features guide you to get the price. If new to car washing machines, compare different online sellers and read customer reviews to avoid getting poor-quality machines with hiked prices.


A car washing machine is a good source of income but always look for the features to select one that will meet your needs. The best part, reading customer reviews from sellers and only buying from renowned sellers. Now that you have known how to select a suitable car washing machine, why not give it a try?