How to perfect your DIY home office décor

Due to COVID-19 many work places are now shifted in homes so that people can maintain social distance. Due to this reason everyone is setting a comfortable work like environment in their homes so that they do not get distracted. Apart from office furniture and other essentials décor of your office is also important. The most easiest and famous trick to do that is by adding ticker on your plain walls. But don’t worry you can easily get them from online web shops and even get your custom ones.

Anyone who earned their interior design diploma would say that one of the foremost things to do before you start decorating or buying furniture is to measure the living room.

The type of sticker used for this purpose should be Aluminum sticker, as they look more professional.

What are aluminum stickers?

Aluminum stickers are soft and flexible labels that are provided with a logo, design, nameplate, etc. The material can be used on flat and curved surfaces and is UV-resistant and weather-resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Download best games and application from apkpure Even you can download any movies subtitle which you downloaded from pirated website. So at that moment you have to follow subscene to download any movies subtitle.

Vinyl metal stickers have a brushed (stainless steel), chrome or metallic effect. Aluminum and metals are an expensive material compared to vinyl. Production costs a lot of energy, which means that prices are higher.

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Heat resistant stickers

Heat resistant stickers are printed on different materials. One of those materials is a heat-resistant material with a thickness of 0.2 mm that is suitable for warm surfaces such as battery chargers, ovens and other devices. These heat resistant labels can be used on devices that heat up to 150 degrees. Ideal for cooling installations, machines and type plates. A characteristic aspect of heat-resistant stickers is the writability. This way you can easily fill in a type plate with a pen and it will not fade. 

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Print aluminum stickers

The printing of labels is a digital print or screen print.

In a screen printing production, the colors are printed separately from each other on sheets. You choose specific colors that are printed on the sheets. It is not possible to opt for a transition or ending. The screen printing ink adheres better to the material than with digital printing. This is because ink will stick to the material than when printing from a roll. This can be in any desired shape or text.

 With digital print, photos come out best. The photo is then printed on the aluminum in one operation. Depending on your file, you choose the printing technique. Ordering stickers delivers loose or on sheets. Our experts are happy to help you make the right decision. 

Aluminum stickers are a good alternative to an aluminum plate, they are flexible and thin which makes them easy to use. She delivers stickers for a very affordable price. A material surcharge is only calculated on the basic price.

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The advantage of large stickers

You can see large stickers on windows, floors and company cars and are notable for their size. Stickers order produces up to a width of 130cm with an unlimited length. Enough space for your message or advertisement. You can promote your business in a standard rectangle or square, but there are also options for a round shape, oval and unique shape. It doesn’t matter which shape you choose, all sizes are suitable for long-term use both indoors and outdoors.

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