How to make a YouTube video: 5 tips for beginners

There’s denying that the biggest motivation for creating videos online on YouTube is that a large audience is always waiting to consume your content. Things are not handed over without making any effort. To put it simply, you must learn how to make a YouTube video to find success in the online community. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the five basic steps that you must follow to make YouTube videos.

1. Plan Your Video

Every content creator needs to figure out the subject or the theme before beginning the video production. It would be best to have a target audience in mind and how to communicate with them.

You could be creating video content to meet particular objectives- such as entertaining the online community or putting your perspective out in the open to make a point. Furthermore, there are always room videos that can teach people to do stuff.

Notably, all videos are different from one another- structurally, topically, and viewership-wise as well. So it is evident that each video will warrant a new and fresh approach. In case your video has lots of voiceover work, you must prepare a script on the side. There’s no doubting that it will consume time.

This will enable you to trim the fat to make the video crisp and precise for recording. Additionally, having a script will help narrow down the list of points you wish to include in your video.

2. Understand Your Audience

Arguably the most significant roadblock of creating online content for YouTube is decoding the audience. If you wish to find success with your video online, you must develop the speaking directly to the audience with your work.

Every first-timer must realize that the video they are developing will determine their eventual audience. This is why it is imperative to think about the necessary length and content of the video in advance.

Looking at the successful videos on the platform already, it is easy to conclude that shorter videos are the norm. The abundance of content and short attention spans has compelled the audience to be impulsive.

This means they are always on the jump, switching from article to article, post to post, and videos to videos on the internet, without necessarily using their patience to wait and enjoy the content in the first place.

While there is the seemingly successful group of YouTubers producing short videos consistently to engage with their audience and find success on the platform, there’s the other side that invests in longer videos.

More and more content creators are developing video essays on the forum nowadays. This particular video format is comparatively more extended than the short videos and features in-depth information to keep their audience hooked for the video’s entirety.

3. Learn the Basics of Video Production

If you wish to step into the YouTube scene, the first thing to do is look for the right video editing software for you. And of course, you should have some basic video production skills. There’s always an opportunity not to have to work extensively on your video if the video you are using is not shot by you, i.e., some film footage or reaction video. Video development will involve your editing skills in a test- it’s a given.

If you are a beginner, there’s no need for you to worry about the technical specifications of your equipment. There’s no denying that any video that is shot in 4k will visually please. But most videos are consumed at 1080p or below in YouTube.

4. Understand the Importance of Sound

It is essential to remember that you are telling a story each time you are creating a video, irrespective of the subject or the topic. And in this aspect, the sound is the most significant determining factor. Surprisingly enough, almost all videos have one thing in common: their audio support does the heavy lifting while the video takes the secondary role.

Simply put, the audio will provide a base for your narrative, while the video is primarily supplementary. It would be best to strike a healthy balance between both audio and video of your content.

There is always some option, some trick, or some trick to readjust a poorly shot video; seldom can you improve an awful sound. Hence you must always maintain quality audio support when developing the video. The convenient and most effective way to enhance the audio support is to attain a perfectly functioning mic for your video.

5. Choose a Video Editor to Learn Using It

Assuming that you have gathered all the raw audio and video files ready, your immediate next task will be to edit, patch, and export the video using a video editor. It is essential to mention that selecting the ideal video editor often depends on the budget and the individual preference.

If you have a Mac, you can always begin with the iMovie app. The video editor comes with the device free of charge and has a highly convenient video editing process. Up next, if you are a Windows user and looking for a direct replacement to iMovie, then there’s Wondershare Filmora.

Admittedly the software is not as simple as the former. There’s a lot to help you cook up a stylish and sophisticated video for YouTube. Additionally, it’s a crowd favorite since it is affordable for mid-range customers.

Moving on, if you think you can handle a professional video editor, there is always Da Vinci Resolve- a video editor for the professionals that won’t take a big bite of your pocket. You can rely on this software to color grade your video footage.

Create, Upload and Publish

Once you have shot, processed, and edited the video, the only job remaining at hand is to upload it on YouTube. Now that you have achieved the feat, what’s next for you? A word of advice from the platform’s experts- You must repeat this consistently, time and time. You must develop a habit of uploading content regularly. Nothing is as important as consistency when it comes to building an online presence.

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