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How to make a tattoo studio logo

Designing a logo is one of the most important steps in any company’s marketing plan. Effective design is critical not only to conveying the values that will define the brand, but also to showcase the studio’s accomplishments and capabilities. Since the tattoo industry is one of the most creative and artistic industries, the concept of visually representing services should be reflected in the salon logo in an original way.

What is a logo?

The graphic element is an integral part of the construction of the corporate identity of any organization. The tool performs a number of important functions: presenting the company in a presentable way, making it stand out among competitors, increasing customer loyalty.

There are several types of logos:

Text. Suitable for companies whose activities are successfully visualized through a text format. Another reason for this choice is the easy recognition of goods or services by the written name.

Alphabetic. Used in cases where initials are interpreted better than the full name of the company.

Graphic. The symbols should be in harmony with the aspect of the company.

A combination of graphic and text format. This type of logo is characterized by effective communication with users and a successful visualization of the firm’s activities.

The advantages of professional stylish logos are obvious: they effectively familiarize the target audience with the proposed service, enhance the company’s image and help to gain the trust of potential customers.

How to make a tattoo studio logo?

It is important to consider several key aspects:

Defining the target audience. The representativeness and communicativeness of the logo depends on it.

Analysis of competition. It is recommended to study the logos of other tattoo companies to get inspiration, as well as to make sure that your logo is unique.

Defining the brand identity. The design should reveal important aspects of the business, slightly reflect the history of the salon and evoke an emotional response. 

Should pay attention to the choice of font. The most suitable for the tattoo studios are: victorian parlor font, captain cook tattoo font, sadis typeface, victory, bloodonmyblade, razor blade. The use of handwritten or vintage style with an abundance of curls, flowing and not flowing lines is also allowed. Colors also have the ability to convey a characteristic emotion, concept and personality of the company. For tattoo salons are suitable black and white colors, it’s allowed to add some red, blue, brown or yellow.

The type of logo for tattoo studios is suitable for any (based on the image, letters or their combinations). The choice depends on the parameters of corporate identity, as well as personal goals of the salon. Designers recommend using a logo that combines both the image and the inscription. Universal type of graphic element allows you to convey more information about the activities of the tattoo salon, as well as demonstrate artistic skills and level of skill.

There is a certain format that many tattoo studios follow when developing a design: the symbols are most often placed in the center of the logo with the name of their brand or any other information. Symbols can also be placed around or under the main element. When designing a logo, it is important to consider the scalability of the picture. The logo should be readable and fully adaptable to the size of promotional materials. 

Logo designers

Professional services give you the opportunity to create a logo in minutes.

The most popular ones are:

Fiverr. Powerful tool allows you to design a corporate sign based on the preferences and style of the company in a few clicks.

Turbologo. Is a multifunctional and convenient tool.

TRUiC. Free online generator gives you the opportunity to create the right graphics for your business. No design experience is required.

Designers can also use other tools:, Canva, logaster, Renderforest, VistaCreate.


Creating a logo for tattoo studios is a laborious and time-consuming process. However, if you follow the recommendations of the experts, you can get the final result, guaranteeing an effective presentation and maximum compliance with the expectations and goals of the firm.

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