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How to Make a Paper Light Box

by Levi

Placing paper cutouts in a box that is illuminated from behind creates an eye-catching visual effect that is sure to wow. There will be magnificent shadows and depth effects to be seen in this film. It is possible to have this amazing piece of art customised to match your unique requirements: Purchases include goods for the home, wedding gifts, children’s nightlights, and other products. In order to create the appearance of water reflections on the surface of this artwork, eight layers of paper were applied to the surface. In this video, you’ll get a high-level overview of the topic matter.

As a first step, choose a piece of plain white paper.

As a result, the length of your paper should be proportionate to the importance of your conclusion. So I’ve opted to print on A4 paper as a consequence of this experience.

Your paper’s thickness is important.

This is also true in the other way around: transparent materials are often thinner than opaque ones. Purchasing between 150 and 220 grammes of chocolate might result in a savings of up to 15% on your purchase. When learning to draw, the first two levels are a terrific location to begin your journey. In this case, you may leave a blank area in the middle of the page for the subsequent layers by drawing trees on both the left and right sides of the page. Making use of a scalpel knife, cut the paper in the direction of the lines you drew.

A lake should be constructed at the lowest point possible for the benefit of the residents in the Lagoon Layer 3’s bottom half. The most important aspect of your presentation should be shown at the very top of the lake. Illustrations might include a unicorn, two people in love, or any other animal that is appropriate. Allow your imagination to go wild, and go with the flow of the situation!

Water shown from the perspective of the sky.

At the fourth and fifth levels, there will be a corresponding reflection of water. Alternatively, a thin piece of paper may be used to trim the top border of the lake (70g or less). Transform your item’s Layer 3 into an upside-down duplicate on Layer 5 to create an upside-down copy of your main object. You can check out lightboxgoodman for more details.

Layers six through eight are grouped together to form the three levels.

The backdrop of your light box is formed by the layers 6, 7, and 8 of the Photoshop file. There is the possibility of adding mountain ranges to the sixth and seventh tiers, respectively.

Polyurethane foam is used in the construction of these boards.

You may make spacers out of foam board if you want to save money. Small spacers were used to split each component into sections.

Glue is used to hold the pieces of the puzzle together.

Foam board spacers should be used between each layer to keep the layers from overlapping. The fact that layers 3 and 4 are separate eliminates the need of using spacers between them. If you follow this procedure, you will be able to get a greater reflection of the water. Layers 4 and 5 may be glued together without the need of spacers, or you can use a smaller distance between them than normal. I set a starting point of 0.5 cm as my reference. It will be more difficult to see the reflection if the distance between the two points is larger than one.

To keep the image in place, a wooden frame should be used.

The depth of the wooden frame should be a little more than the depth of the piece of paper being shown. Because of my 5-inch frame, I had to use a 7-inch deep 7/8-inch thick oak frame to accommodate it. It is recommended that you create the frame by putting four pieces of wood together.

LED lighting is the lighting technology of the future.

Placing a Led strip behind the frame will help to illuminate the space. It is possible to create whatever colour you want with a remote-controlled RGB LED strip that I have available. It is possible to seal the frame using foam board.

Keep a close watch on how your project is coming together.

Finally, turn it on and bask in the glow of your success.

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