How to increase sales on Instagram

Selling products on Instagram is always challenging because it is entirely different than selling something in a retail store. However, if you decide to increase your sale on IG, this article will surely help you. Enjoy!

Create storefront in album

To bring more sales via Instagram, you must go ahead strategically. You need to build a profile that looks like an online store. Besides, your bio should contain all essential call-to-actions such as the contact number, email, or the link of the order form. You can utilize Instagram’s highlighted album as the storefront. Here, you can put all the new offers, products, and others for better visibility. Some brands frequently use the highlighted album to showcase their latest items. It is because people can easily check out your latest products whenever they come to your profile.

Grow real followers

There is nothing to cheer about if you have a ton of followers but the majority of them are fake. The difference between fake and real followers appears when you check out the engagement rate. To grow real followers, you must define your target audience first. Besides, you should have a precise marketing strategy and go through it accordingly. Many businesses Buy Real Instagram Followers for quick sales. If you desire the same thing, you can choose an SMM agency that can truly assist you.

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Offer discounts

Did you see how people snatch products from retail stores during Black Friday? Discount is always alluring to customers. It is effective on both a retail store and Instagram. So, you should try this powerful strategy on Instagram to penetrate the market. New visitors have fewer reasons to buy a product from you. However, you can compel them to do so by offering an attractive discount. Besides, if you have existing customers, you can offer them a rewarding discount that enhances chances for more referrals. In general, people spend more time online on holidays. So, you should precisely set the time to offer the discount.

Shoot stunning photos

An Instagram user scrolls hundreds of photos per day on average. You can’t expect him to stop right on your photo unless it grabs his attention. You must post stunning, unique, and beautiful photos to catch more eyes. When it comes to selling products, there is no way to provide supreme-grade photography. Your product might be common, but you can represent it unbelievably through good photography. When you shoot photos for sale on Instagram, try to use exclusive frames and angles. Besides, use natural light whenever you can for a better appearance. You should always take photos from the appropriate vantage points that catch people’s eyes.

Advertize and contest

Are you targeting a particular event for selling your product on IG? In that case, you don’t have sufficient time. You should go to the paid advertisement in this situation. It will enhance your branding as well as your chance of selling. You can offer a contest along with advertising since experts always suggest a marketing mix for a better outcome.  

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