How To Gear Up Your Boosted Characters Extremely Fast In The Pre-Patch – WOW TBC Guide

The gear for booster characters is going to be pretty bad apart from the relics and the trinkets, it’s worthwhile in the pre-part spending as much time as you can upgrading that gear to make the leveling experience in TBC much faster. for Cassic is always rising, people are starting to grab WOW TBC gold to boost their game experience to the next level.

– 1 – Pick Out Fast Farming Gear

First of all, pick out gear that’s very fast to farm. For instance, gear that you can get very quickly from quest rewards. therefore, there’s no RNG, PvP rewards that just require farming. items you can buy at the free auction house. there are a few extra pieces that you can get because of jewel crafting. and then some early bosses that you can farm in dungeons.

In a pre-patch, you can fan PvP gear with honor points and marks of honor from particular battlegrounds.

This is the best way to spend your time because the PvP gear is good. and if you want to know how much WoW Classic Gold is worth in real money, it’s equivalent to tier 2.5 gear has lots of spell power, attack power, and then lots of stamina too to make you beefy, some of the items also have hit chance which is great when you take it on mobs at a higher level. the general advice is to prioritize getting the weapons first because they’re equal power to a key 40 loop.

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– 2 – Powerful Trinkets

Let’s move on to the item pieces that you cannot get from PvP. first, it’s important to get powerful trinkets. the trinkets that abuse the characters get are quite nice. but the ones from particular quests are going to be more powerful. first of all, we have the power of the high chief, which increases your spell damage and healing by 30 points. it’s an extra briar read, and you can get Broward readers with this as well for an extra 58 spell power and then the same quest gives the same trinket but attack power instead. and you get this item from the request words of the high chief. the warlock, the shaman, and the hunter trinket are worth getting, but the others you can ignore because the one you get with your piece of character is probably better. another good option is Rune Of The Guard Captain, doesn’t take very long to get this at all and this is very good because of that hit chance. great for any melee DPS. and then you’ve also got Briarwood Reed. but again that does take quite a while to farm. however it is important to mind while you’re farming this one, you will also get a shadow damage wand. it gets upgraded to be a one percent spell hit as well. it’s a very efficient farm if you think about it but only if you are farming that particular boss.

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– 3 – Cloaks

While you’re farming your marks and your oil points for the PvP gear, you’re probably simultaneously going to generate a lot of rep in the alternate valley and will be able to pick up items like the storm pike, sages cloak, which is a spell power cloak. for hunters, you have the equivalent item, the same reputation requirement, the soldier’s cloak instead. you can also found the amplifying cloak if you’re a spellcaster from one of the bosses in diameter Magister Kalendris. and make some decent WoW Classic Gold or you can buy WoW Classic Gold if you prefer the faster way.

In general, these are all the ways to gear up your boosted characters, the cost of PvP gear is 2 handers are 40 AV tokens and 30k honor ranged weapons and offhands are 20 AB tokens and 15.3k honor, 1 hander, and shields are 20 AB and 15.3k honor.

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