How to exchange bitcoin for monero

There are so many converters and platforms where  you can convert different cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk about some of them.


The B2BX cryptocurrency exchange is a popular exchange for both regular buying / selling and cryptocurrency trading. The crypto exchange is equally convenient for both independent traders and corporate clients. You can make bitcoin to monero exchange and other pairs as well.

The main focus is on user safety. Two-factor authentication (using Google Authenticator and SMS code) prevents attackers from gaining access to users’ wallets. In addition, when suspicious activity is detected, the cryptocurrency exchange blocks the balance of funds and notifies the user via email messages about a suspicion of a hacker attack. 

B2BX is a legal platform that operates in accordance with the rules of the EU financial regulator. The crypto exchange has an Estonian license and is available to traders from 95% of all world jurisdictions. 98% of user funds are deposited in cold cryptocurrency wallets.

Reliability is the second aspect on which the site’s attention is focused. B2BX only works with highly liquid digital assets like BTC, ETH, XRP, NEO and other well-known digital currencies. Key stablecoins are also available to traders:

  • USDT;
  • USDC;
  • PAX.

The site is distinguished by a high speed of closing orders and low commissions – one of the most profitable in the industry. Convenience is an equally important criterion. Private traders and corporate users get access to professional analytical services and tools. B2BX offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options:

  1. bank cards;
  2. bank transfers;
  3. popular e-wallets.

Cryptocurrency exchange is possible for other digital assets or fiat currencies. In case of problems, there is round-the-clock support in several languages ​​- all issues are resolved as soon as possible.


Waves.Exchange positions itself as one of the safest crypto exchanges in the world. Waves.Exchange is a multifunctional platform: you can directly buy Bitcoin and the platform’s own coins (USDN, or Neutrino USD, and WAVES), trade different pairs of cryptocurrencies, transfer your assets to staking and invest your money in cryptocurrencies or the Neutrino protocol directly.

The platform recently launched an OTC service that converts USDT to USDN to receive 12-15% staking rewards (native to USDN), and then redeem it back to USDT in a 1: 1 ratio. Investors can use this service with amounts over 10 thousand dollars.

A nice bonus is an unusual way to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency without additional payments. It is uncomplicated, so it is suitable for beginners too. First, we buy USDN from a dollar card without a commission, which is pegged to a fiat dollar at a ratio of 1 to 1. And then we change USDN to BTC, ETH or another currency, again without commission.


Bitality exchanger attracts users with its convenient design, instant processing of applications and round-the-clock work. In addition, the service offers a cumulative system of discounts, one of the lowest tariffs and accepting payments to bank cards.

The guys are always ready to provide user support and are available not only in the chat on the site, but also in social networks.

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