How to easily sell your music online through multiple platforms

With numerous music streaming platforms and stores looking for music creators and makers to sell their music online, now is the best time to create and sell your music online. With the presence of authentic and reliable music distributors, anybody can easily sell their music and audio tracks online.

Online music distributors like MusicDigi, help music creators like composers, DJs, EDM music creators, R&B artists, rappers, gospel artists, and so on sell their music easily online. They can do this by getting the music on iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, and more.

Easy steps to selling your music online through music distributors

The use of music distributors makes it easy for you to get a global music distribution. This means that can easily help you sell your music on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, and many more music stores and platforms.

With your music distributed to the platforms, you can make money from the music when people stream and download your music. This means that you are then able to earn royalties from your music. You can easily make music online when you follow these simple steps.

1). Find a reliable music distributor:

To begin your journey to making money from your music, this begins with getting a reliable music distributor. Just make sure that you get a well-connected musical distributor platform like MusicDigi. They can get your music to over 150 music stores and streaming platforms.

2). Sign up and finalize your agreements:

The next step for you to monetize your music is to sign up with the music distributor. This is where they get to make the terms and conditions of the agreement known. It usually involves agreeing and approving of their initial fees and commission.

3). Get your music ready:

After finalizing the terms of your agreements, you will be needed to upload original and authentic music. Both old and new music can be uploaded but you have to have 100% ownership of the song(s). You will need to produce one or more songs, prepare their liner notes, create their album arts, liner notes, and so on. These will have to be uploaded online. They all help give your music a complete and professional look.

4). Upload the music, album arts, etc to the online music distribution service:

The online music distributor service allows you to upload all music tracks. Users can have their music featured on 150+ music stores and millions of music consumers. You will simply choose from more than 150 music streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

5). The music distributor circulates your music to hundreds of music stores:

Soon as you have been able to upload your music to the online music distribution platform, the system will help you release your music on hundreds of digital music streaming services and downloading platforms. Between 1 and 3 days, you will be able to see your music on streaming and downloading platforms all over the world.

6). Collect payment for your music:

The last step involves getting paid for your music. You get paid each time somebody downloads or streams your music. The money is retrieved and is sent to your account with the music distribution platform. The good part of the deal is that you get real-time reports on analytics concerning your music sales.

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