How to download movies on iPhone

Would you like to download movies on your iPhone but you don’t know how to do it? Would you like to transfer some movies from your PC to your “iPhone by” but don’t want to waste time converting the videos to an iOS compatible format? Don’t worry, today I’m here to help you and to introduce you to some apps that are definitely for you.

Believe me, you just have to be spoiled for choice! There are movie stores that allow you to buy or rent movies directly from the iPhone, video on-demand services that allow you to download lots of movies on your phone in exchange for a small monthly fee (less than 8 euros), download manager able to “Capture” the videos present on any web page and video player that allow you to copy movies from your computer to the iPhone in a few “taps”. You just have to choose the solution that best suits your needs and find out how to download movies on iPhone using it. Find all the information you need right below.

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iTunes Store

Let’s start with the iTunes Store , the official Apple store where you can find movies, music albums and ringtones.

As you can easily guess, the contents on the iTunes Store are all paid: on average, the films cost 9.99 euros to buy and 4.99 euros to rent (in HD format), but it is not uncommon to find titles on offer for less than 6 euros or film packages at a discounted price. In addition, each week a title is chosen that becomes the “movie of the week” and is made available for rent for only 99 cents.

To buy (or rent) a movie on the iTunes Store, access the latter by pressing the music note icon on a purple background located on the home screen of your iPhone, then select the Movies tab at the bottom and locate the title of your interest.

You can browse movies in the foreground , that is the most interesting titles of the moment, the latest releases and special offers (including the “movie of the week”); you can consult the rankings (by pressing on the appropriate tab located at the top right) or you can view the films based on their genre by “tapping” on the Genres item located at the top left. If you want to search for a movie by typing its title directly, select the Search tab located at the bottom center.

Once you have identified the film to buy or rent, select its poster , press the BUY or RENT button , enter your Apple ID password (if required) and wait for the download to complete. Once purchased or rented, the films will be available in the iPhone Video app (the one with the blue clapperboard icon), more precisely in the Movies tab of the latter.


To download a movie, documentary or TV series from Netflix, you need to launch the official app of the service and log into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, create it by pressing the appropriate button in the Netflix app or connect to Netflix from your PC and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once logged in, select the content of your interest and press the arrow icon located under its plot (or next to the title of one of its episodes, if it is a TV series) to start downloading. To follow the progress of the download – and then to play the downloaded content offline – press the button   located at the top left and select the item My downloads from the bar that appears on the side

Unfortunately, not all the contents of the Netflix catalog are available for download. To view a list of all the films, series and documentaries that can be played offline, press the  button  located at the top left and select the item Available for download from the bar that appears on the side. Currently, content downloaded offline with Netflix does not expire unless you are logged out of your account for more than 30 days.


If you want to try Infinity on your iPhone (the first 30 days are free, with no renewal obligation), install the official application of the service from the App Store and start it. Then press the hamburger icon located at the top left, select the Login item from the menu that opens and log in to your account.

Not registered to Infinity yet? Then connect to the website of the service from your PC, click on the Try for free button and follow the instructions on the screen. Alternatively you can also select the item Are you not registered yet? and register through the iPhone app, but by doing so you will pay for the service through the iTunes Store and not by credit card or PayPal as it normally happens.

Once logged into the Infinity app, locate the film of your interest, select its poster and press the Download button (if available). Then wait for the download to be completed, press the hamburger icon located at the top left and select the Download item from the side menu to view all the titles saved offline.

Note: movies downloaded from Infinity remain available for 7 days and, once started, must be “consumed” within 48 hours. If a film expires and is still available in the Infinity catalog, you can download it again and thus renew its validity for another 7 days.

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