How to do if you allergic cleansing gel.

Cleansing the face thoroughly, while nourishing and taking care of the skin to be beautiful and clear. without that skin problem It is the need of everyone, including because a clean face without skin problems allows us to take care of and nourish the skin to be as healthy as possible. Importantly, it also helps us gain confidence in every situation as well. And another facial cleansing product that I would like to recommend besides cleansing foam. is a cleansing gel

if you don’t want your beautiful face to have an allergic reaction from facial foam. Find a cleansing foam from to use today. Then you will get the best experience for your face.

What is the difference between cleansing gel and cleansing foam?

Although it is the same facial cleansing product. But both cleansing foam and cleansing gel have many different things. both in terms of properties The suitability of the skin type and the effectiveness after using a face wash or gel wash, therefore, will be shown to everyone more clearly. How are these two products different?

Cleansing foam

Contains cleaning agents that cause negatively charged bubbles. The resulting bubbles may cause skin irritation. Makes the skin dry and clogging until acne. Using a foaming cleanser is suitable for those who have to wear makeup on a daily basis and those with oily faces. Because the foam from the foam can clean well. It reduces oiliness and makes your face dry.

Cleansing gel

Contains substances that cause positive and negative bubbles Suitable for people with dry skin. Sensitive skin and skin that needs moisture The amount of foam of the cleansing gel is not as much as the foam. making it possible to wash your face thoroughly No residue of cleaning agents and does not cause the surface to clog.

Although there are differences in properties. But when compared in terms of cleaning ability Let me tell you that Both of these cleaning products are effective in their own way. This time, it must depend on the user itself. Will choose to use a facial cleanser or a cleansing gel. or use both together It is something that we can do. Because both cleansing foam and cleansing gel are used together as well.

Types and advantages of cleansing gels

As for the type of cleansing gel, it is divided into 2 main types: genuine gel and artificial gel. The properties of these two types of gels are different.

Real gel

Has a clear shape, discards, is much more expensive. It is of good quality and is commonly used as an ingredient in facial cleansing gels.

Artificial gel

The shape is not as clear as the real gel. Made from sodium chloride salt, it is cheaper and of lower quality. It is popularly used as a mixture of shower gel, sure enough.

Characteristics of a good cleansing gel

As for the good face wash gel Let me explain it like this: Good properties of cleansing gel Not much different from face wash. because it is a facial cleansing product as well But there are subtleties for us to consider as follows:

A good cleansing gel should have skin preserving properties. Does not hurt the skin and irritate the skin Allergic reactions and loss of moisture

Use cleansers and foaming agents that are gentle on the skin.

Has a PH value that is most suitable for the skin type is 5.5, not more or less.

Contains extracts to nourish the skin It makes the skin truly cared for and protected.

A good cleansing gel should be a real gel. with better properties to clean the face not artificial gel

These are the good qualities of a cleansing gel that everyone is recommended to take as part of their consideration in choosing the best and most effective cleansing gel.

How to do if you allergic cleansing gel.?

As for the allergy to the cleansing gel will have symptoms similar to general cosmetic allergies There may be some severity. In some people, the severity of an allergic reaction to this face wash is a multifactorial factor, including skin condition, ingredients in the gel, and the wrong form of washing. All of them can affect the severity of the allergic reaction after using the gel cleanser. The characteristics of allergic reactions to facial cleansing gels include:

  1. Itching all over the face. In some people, a rash or redness may develop. clearly
  2. I feel a burning sensation after using the cleansing gel.
  3. After using it, facial skin looks worse. The skin is not fresh and bright. The skin lacks moisture and becomes dry and tight.
  4. After stopping to use the cleansing gel Allergies to various gels alleviated.

When you are allergic to cleansing gel. Basically, you can deal with allergic reactions by yourself as follows.

– Stop using the face wash immediately.

– Take a break by refraining from using any form of nourishing cream.

– Do not wear makeup, even just a thin layer, because makeup will cause more severe allergic reactions.

– Wash your face with clean water. instead of using all kinds of cleaning products

After correcting these initial allergic reactions found that the allergic reaction had not subsided Mummy recommends to see a doctor immediately. Do not delay because if the allergic reaction is more widespread than before, it will affect the skin more. and making treatment more difficult as well

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