How to create a professional portfolio

It is especially important for every actor to have a professional portfolio. Not only can you bring high-quality headshots with you to castings, but you can also publish them on your own website. Having professional headshots for actors helps directors and art directors to get a closer look at your work and understand how suitable you are for a particular role.

What is an actor’s portfolio useful for?

Potential employers do not always hire only those actors who come to the casting. Often, directors want to get acquainted with the work of artists in absentia, to see how a person looks in the frame. Therefore, the better and more diverse the portfolio, the more chances to get the desired role.

Professional headshots for an actor are quite difficult to create on your own. Often aspiring actors can face a lot of questions and simply do not know how to prepare for a photo shoot, which image to choose. This is why you should contact a professional photo studio, where a photographer can create unique headshots for your portfolio.

What to look for when creating a portfolio

As a rule, the first thing that catches the eye is the location in which the headshot was taken and the image that can convey the personality of the person. Therefore, it is best to publish on your site headshots close-up, where you can clearly see facial features. It’s best to do several themed photo shoots so that professional acting headshots can reveal all the artistry. Your photos will help create an overall story about you, as well as have a positive impact on your personal branding.

Professional headshots for actors by Lev Gorn

Of course, only a person who understands art can create high-quality headshots. The famous actor and director Lev Gorn has created his own unique system of photography, which helps to convey all the character of the actor. You can order professional headshots for actors on GORNPHOTO. Here you can order a photo session, as well as a free consultation. Lev Gorn will help you discover your talent through the lens of photos. If you are just starting your acting career, then a consultation from Lev, will help you find an image that will reveal you as an artistic person.

Features of working with Lev Gorn

Any photo shoot is certainly an exciting process that requires careful preparation from both the photographer and the actor. During the photo shoot Lev Gorn helps the actor not only to enter into the image, but also to convey it as realistically as possible. This helps to make the headshots natural and original. During the work, the lion will help you feel more confident, will pick up perhaps unexpected, but exactly your image, which will reveal the maximum talent. The choice of locations in New York is necessarily discussed in advance, it will allow more carefully to select the right attributes to a particular atmosphere.

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