How to Choose a Professional Wireless Camera Monitor for Shooting

In today’s world of constant video shooting, professional videographers need to capture the best footage possible for their videos. This calls for the use of a professional camera monitor so videographers can view their shots clearly. A camera monitor is a device that allows you to view images on another screen.

A desirable on-camera monitor will display your live feed in high quality, making it appear as if you were watching the video on a full-sized display rather than with a tiny smartphone or tablet. If you are interested in video production and need a professional wireless camera monitor for reliable performance, read on because we have some details that will help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Using a Wireless Camera Monitor

Wireless Camera Monitor

Viewing the Video in Real Time

Using a tablet or a larger display, you can view the video in real time thanks to on-set wireless monitoring. Eliminating the cord is fantastic because it gives you flexibility. In reality, there aren’t many reasons to avoid using wireless set monitoring. Wireless monitoring is fantastic, even if you’re a one-man video news crew! Once you have completed the initial setup, setting up requires almost no time.

In the past, you had to run cables to monitors or ask your clients to look through the viewfinder if you wanted them to see what the Director of Photography (DP) or you (on a corporate shoot) saw. Neither of these was a particularly smart or quick solution. They required some setup time and increased the amount of equipment on your mounting list.

These days, you can watch your camera feed from up to 2,000 feet away without cables thanks to a number of products. Many of these products can also be battery-operated if preferred. This is excellent for many different applications, including cranes, dollies, in-car video, and many more. This provides better opportunities for continuity, lighting, make-up, and script supervisors to catch problems when working with a narrative.

Bigger and Better Monitor

Shooting is most frequently done on a field monitor with a size of 5 inches to 7 inches

The image’s colors and details can also be more accurately interpreted thanks to the high resolution. The best part is that the videographer will benefit from checking to see if the object in the frame is focused. If it is not focused, the shot will be pointless.

The camera’s viewfinder makes it challenging us to locate the focus area. Using the focus assist or zoom function on the on-camera monitor makes it easy for the videographer to keep an eye on the focus. Users can quickly check the image’s quality and make sure the object is sharply focused by using the zoom-in feature.

Editing Speed-up

A professional video creation monitor is well-resolved and includes some monitoring tools like a histogram, false color, safety marker, and more.

We can  immediately know how cropped images will appear after post-production by using aspect ratio and safety markers. The features listed above are all very beneficial to those who make videos. And the camera’s built-in LCDs lack these features, which are only found on the production monitor for professionals.



The 5-inch field monitor is portable and lightweight, which can be mounted on the DSLR’s top through which we can shoot and watch the video without sacrificing the mobility. When shooting handheld with their DSLRs, a lot of YouTubers, Vloggers, and wedding videographers love using field monitors because of their mobility and flexibility.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wireless Camera Monitor


You must first take into account how much you can afford and are willing to spend on it. You will then be able to narrow down your list of options.

Good Resolution

Good Resolution

Another factor to take into account when purchasing an on-camera monitor is the image resolution. 1920 x 1080 pixels should be the minimum resolution for a wireless on-camera monitor. Fortunately, we have a lot of great products for that, including our top-recommended on-camera monitor, the Hollyland Mars M1.

For a comfortable viewing experience, the Mars M1 wireless monitor has a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution and accurate color calibration. 

Tools for Exposure

A favorable field monitor should come with some desired features, such as histogram, false color, zebra pattern, and focus assist. The Mars M1 comes with different tools that make it easy to get the right brightness and exposure for your shoots, including color temperature assist, 4x zoom, focus assist, exposure assist, and waveform display.


Consider how transportable your field monitor is. If you’re doing the on-the-go shooting, you don’t need an additional bulky piece of equipment. Choose a monitor that is compact, lightweight, and effective. The building quality and robustness should also be carefully considered.



In different application scenarios, you’ll require connection capabilities such as HDMI and SDI.  You need to ensure that your shooting monitor has desirable connection capabilities.

Confirm whether the connections on your preferred monitor are compatible with your work requirements. The Mars M1 monitor provides full support for 4K/30fps HDMI IN and LOOPOUT for more connection and compatibility options. 


Having an external monitor on your camera gives you a much greater screen real estate to perform tasks like determining precise focus, exposure, and framing. You can easily determine focus because you now have many more pixels to tell the difference between what is in focus and what is out of focus.

Hollyland Mars M1

A good microphone is also important for your setup. You want to get something compatible with your on-camera monitor. Our top wireless camera monitor pick is the Hollyland Mars M1, a monitor that offers a lot of flexibility and high-level features.

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