How to Buy the Best Tape Measures

Every craftsman, handyman or carpenter will agree that receiving an incorrect measurement even by a few inches can ruin an entire project. It is because of this simple fact that you should always try to receive a high quality tape measure. Locating one shouldn’t be a tedious task or a lengthy procedure, as you just need to consider these factors when purchasing.


Clearly the reason you buy a tape measure in the first place is to find an accurate dimension. Therefore, accuracy should be the main aspect to consider. Fortunately, most tape measures are exceptionally accurate, and the difference in their accuracy is often an almost negligible fraction of an inch. However, if your efforts require high precision and precision, it is always worth evaluating the veracity of a tape measure before purchasing it.


tape measures are exceptionally affordable once you compare them to additional tools and equipment in many toolboxes, but you still don’t want to keep buying a new one after every few applications.

  • Whatever tape measure you buy, it should be strong and extremely durable to make sure it can challenge normal occupancy site abuse.
  • If it has to do with durability, you will need to be on the lookout for the total construction of this tape measure or how the different segments are combined and the substances used to create it.
  • For these materials, you will need to consider the blade and the material of the event. Steel blades are most frequently used because they are durable and strong, while stainless steel ones would be best for wet and muddy conditions due to their high rust resistance.
  • Tape measure instances or bodies created from premium, impact resistant plastic would be the most common, but there are also stainless steel bodies that help prevent corrosion.

Clip design

You may still need your tape measure to be near you and ready to go if you need it. And for a lot of people, that involves cutting it on the belt. Virtually any tape measure will include a clip to tap into this potential, but there are issues with the convenient clip layout as well. The plan must let it slide quickly and without difficulty on the belt. Additionally, the clip should be made from a strong material that could withstand normal clipping and unclipping.


Even in the event that you have the most accurate tape measure, you still need to have the ability to observe dimensions for it to give you substantial support. As a general rule, conventional black marks on yellow tape should provide sufficient reliability. Unless you have an eye problem and the tape measure reading isn’t well marked, you shouldn’t have any trouble reading these tape measures. But some manufacturers will often use larger numbers and make the brand more daring to improve visibility. These types of tape measure really are a fantastic purchase for anyone with problematic vision.

Hook design

A fantastic tape measure is one that will incorporate a hook that simplifies the external and internal dimensions. Less expensive tape measures will frequently come with a small horizontal end hook that will allow consumers to hook it into a thing in order to take measurements over it. However, these hooks may not be very useful when attempting to hook objects that are to the side or above. Multi-directional hooks that are strong and relatively lighter would be best and that can be a lot more when working independently. These types of hooks allow you to hang on items that are above, below, and to the side.

Stand out and get started

  • The special thing about a tape measure is that the space in which you can extend the blade until it pops or bends. The more remarkable it is, the more important it is to work independently and to measure tall and long objects more easily and quickly.
  • Throw, on the other hand, is how far you can throw the blade of the tape measure. And like standout, the longer the pull or the farther you are able to throw the blade.
  • The draw is also an important aspect to consider as you don’t want to have to walk from one end of the substance to another when measuring.
  • If it’s about standing out and throwing, the most crucial problem is finding a tape measure that strikes an ideal balance between the two. And that’s only because the pitch of the blade reduces visibility

Additional features

There are a number of features that may not be necessary for a tape measure to function properly and provide accurate dimensions, so some may not have them. But the majority of these features can still be very useful as they can improve ease of use or create the tape more suitable for use and durable. All of those extra features to look out for, including nylon coating, magnetic hook and double-sided blade printing, automotive lock, and finger brake.

5 Suggestions of Tape Measure

Make good use of this hook slot. Use the slit to hook your ribbon to a nail as an anchor line that won’t come off. You could even use it to turn your tape into a compass.

Use a hook for a pencil. 

The hook on the tape can also be used as a pen to indicate a cut. All you need to do is use it to trace exactly the location you want to cut.

The blade will help draw direct lines

 If you’re in a hurry to gain a straight line and don’t have a ruler nearby, you can take advantage of the straight edge of the tape measure’s blade.

Pull the blade to tilt

Whether you want to highlight particular elements of a construction or show someone where to add another nail, it can be of great benefit. And this suggestion is using the standout tape measure or the scope; it stays stiff that long as well.

Quick calculations with your tape measure

 Anytime you need to do easy measurement subtraction while running, you can use your tape measure to speed up the procedure. This suggestion is easy to learn as it simply involves bending the tape and using your own eyes to locate the studs.

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