How the COVID-19 lockdown affected couple’s libido

It was a rollercoaster of emotions during the lockdown, which happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this came with many aftereffects, both on relationships and sex lives. More than the Covid-19 pandemic, most relationships suffered lots of setbacks and quarrels due to several factors. Couples who hadn’t had the opportunity to live with one another became so close that they had to stay months indoors doing practically nothing. Cohabitating became the new norm as even married couples had to stay home since the social distancing affected gatherings. However, cohabitation is meant to be a relationship booster, meant to strengthen the relationship and improve intimacy but reversed was the case during the pandemic. While it took a toll on married couples’ relationships, the unmarried had all the time they needed to themselves and their spouse all alone. A whole pot happened during the quarantine, and numerous couples haven’t gone past the aftereffects. 

Some effects of the quarantine on married couples include incessant quarrels and low libido. They now have to see themselves more often than not, which made the situation quite complicated. The familiarity became too much that it started causing a drawback in attention and lone time. However, it should be noted that not all relationships suffered this; a handful of them were at the mercy of the lockdown. The lockdown was such that it reduced the sex and other forms of intimacy between couples, that sustaining the relationship became a task both had to maintain consciously. If your relationship is yet to attain stability since the lockdown, or the sexual pleasure has been down the drain, here are some ways to spice things up and enjoy sex better. 

Watch porn together:

Reviving one’s libido could be a tasking job if you don’t understand how to go about it. A relationship where both partners agree is one that would strive for an extended period of time. One of the most effective means of enjoying sex again is reviving your sex drive through porn consumption. Watching porn could help you find the sexual desire you’ve lost to the pandemic if you do it the right way. It’s even better if you watch it with your partner, as it would help ignite that lost spark. Before bringing porn to the equation, be sure your partner is okay with it, and you both agree. Watching porn or visiting cam sites, especially live squirt cam, could be the pointer your relationship needs to revive sexual desires and intimacy. You and your partner could have a “porn staged” quarantine sex, re-making every porn act you watched.

Read the Kama Sutra:

Understanding the basis of sex could be traced to the Kama Sutra. It is regarded as the ultimate sex guide for couples and those in relationships. If you feel you and your partner have lost the sexual experiences you shared, a better way of getting the spark is by studying the Kama Sutra. You can get several insights from the Kama Sutra that you won’t find even on porn sites or adult cam sites. So, if you are looking for another effective means of reviving sex, you should get a Kama Sutra and study everything it states. Make sure that after studying, you make a conscious effort in practicing everything you have learned because only then can you see the benefits of what you’ve learned. You don’t study the Kama Sutra the same way you study your books or study contents online; it needs to be carefully studied, if possible, alongside your partner. 

Talk to your therapist:

Almost every couple needed the services of a therapist after the quarantine was over. This was because of the extent of the damage the quarantine has caused in various relationships. Having to stay indoors for a long time without seeing friends and co-workers could adversely affect one’s mental health. Once the mental health is disturbed, the relationship takes the fall; in this case, the couples begin to fall out of patience and love for one another. For some couples, the lockdown was more traumatic and gave psychological traumas than physical, hence, the need for therapy sessions. In fact, you’d be surprised that there’s nothing wrong with your libido that all you just required was a piece of professional advice and reassurance that everything will be fine. Most men perceived themselves as being less of a man for not being able to provide for their spouse and children as a result of the lockdown. Seeing a therapist would help you get rid of all these worries and help your sex life back on the right track.