How much time does it take to develop an app?


Applications are serving as the virtual assistant of any business. They are providing support to some businesses or in major cases these are the main source of business. They are the major revenue builder of all the leading countries of the world.

The software has been evolving since late 90s and gain its importance after the advanced and portable gadgets and soon they shift their category from luxury to liability. In early 2000 it was treated as luxury as it was not common enough nor every other person had a knowledge of them but soon they started gaining popularity among people as they were adding ease to their daily lives.

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Now they are available at every corner of your house and all around the world. Now the person who are unware of this world is obsolete even the layman started using gadgets. Now take a second and just think of your life without gadgets, the darkness you observed in your subconscious is the importance of software world.

The biggest star was added to their badge when they introduced  online food delivery application to the world. In 1995 world wide waiters ( currently known as  was introduced later in 1999 seamless was founded soon replaced by Grub Hub which is still most application among the people of United States. Nowadays grub hub is competing with Door Dash and UberEATS to get its position back again as they surpassed grub hub  during the pandemic.

Time requirements:

The process of developing application consist of a number of steps such as:

1-     Design the app,

2-     Finalized the app,

3-     Development of app,

4-     Trial,

5-     Deployment,

6-     Launch,

7-     Post launch monitoring.

These all steps are long enough as minimum time required for the launch of an application varies from 3 to 6+ months depending on the complexity and the number and type of desired products.

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The minimum time required for the idea searching and complete research in minimum  4 to 5 weeks in which your desired layout and desired  icon and features is prepare the area of focus during this phase  are the :

  • MVP (minimum viable product):

This is your target features designed especially for the specific targeted customers.

  • Manual instructions for users

These are the general instructions for customer awareness.

  • Application insight.

the second steps prescribed average duration is 1 to 2 months. In this stage the application is designed according to the demand of customer.

The minimum Requisite of time for development of 2 to 4 months. At this step main responsibility is of app developer to ensure the quality and  if you wan to read more about development check this link or go to the link given  :

After development of app the remaining time is spend on the trial period and then deployment and preparation of launch of about two weeks.


The time required for app development varies from 3 to 6 or more months depending on the complexity of the app or icon and platform requirements and on the work load of the developer.