How Much Does Formula Feeding Cost?

When moms all over the world face the necessity of formula feeding, the cost of it is one of the biggest concerns. There’s no denying that European baby formulas are top-quality but the price tags might seem daunting. Don’t get too nervous though: the problem might be not as overwhelming as it seems at the first glance.

How much does breastfeeding cost?

Breastfeeding might certainly be more cost-effective than formula-feeding but it’s far from free. In a perfect world, you can always supply as much milk as your little one needs. The reality might not be this simple. There is a reason why you can see loads of products designed to make it easier for you and your baby.

Depending on various issues you might face during breastfeeding, you might need:

  • Nursing professional services ($150-$300 on average)
  • A breast milk pump (anywhere between $100 and $500 and more)
  • Teas, cookies, vitamins, and other products for improved lactation ($30 per month on average)
  • Other lactation-boosting paraphernalia ($10 to $60 per item).

And this is not all. It’s not just about the money you pay. It’s also about the time you invest in it. Try and calculate how much time you spend breastfeeding and you’ll realize it’s a full-time job. Taking into account the fact that many breastfeeding moms don’t go to actual full-time jobs, it can make a dent in your family budget.

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How much do European baby formulas cost?

Infant milks that come from the EU are known for their high quality and adherence to the highest standards. They are natural, organic, and GMO-free because that’s what the European Commission regulations require them to be. For many people, this means a higher price. The reality is it’s not quite so. Many European formulas’ prices are actually similar to those you can find in the US.

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Here are the prices for baby milks from Europe as seen on


Cow’s milk formula

Package Price
PRE 400g $26,99
Stage 1 400g $25,99
Stage 2-4 600g $31,99

Goat milk formula

  Package Price
Stage 1-3 400g $31,99



Package Price
Stage 1-3 (including no-starch products and Stages 1+ and 2+) 600g $37,99


Package Price
Stage 1-3 800g $46,99


Package Price
Stages 1-3 600g $41,99

Specialized formula

Package Price
HA Stage PRE, 1-3 600g $39,99
AR 500g $37,99
Comfort 600g $37,99


Cow’s milk formula

Package Price
Stage 1 400g $28,99
Stage 2-3 900g $46,99

Goat’s milk formula

Package Price
Stage 1-2 400g $31,99


Package Price
Stage 1-3 800g $48,99

How can you save on formula?

There are two common ways to reduce the cost of baby foods you buy:

  1. Look for sales, promo codes, and discounts. There’s always something of this sort to find when you subscribe to a service or two.
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There’s no denying that formula feeding is costly. So is raising babies and keeping them healthy in general. Your little one deserves the best products and it’s great to know that some of them actually don’t cost more than breastfeeding. Visit this site: f95 zone