How Much Does A Discrimination Lawyer Charge?

A workplace must be free of any dangers that can harm or injure an employee. Similarly, it is mandatory for each employer to ensure that no discrimination takes place in the workplace environment. Discrimination can severely affect an employee’s mental state. 

Employees must take a stand against any form of discrimination by hiring a Discrimination attorney virginia. While hiring a discrimination attorney, employees often wonder how much it is going to cost them. The answer to how much a lawyer will charge you for pursuing a legal case against your employer can differ for each case. 

How much will a lawyer charge me for a discrimination case?

When an employee faces discrimination against them in any form, their first action towards the deed would be hiring a lawyer or considering legal charges. Generally, most employees feel scared of pressing charges against their employer and often face the risk of losing their job. 

However, you must consult a lawyer and ask them about the proceeding of a discrimination lawsuit. Apart from legal advice, most lawyers generally work on a contingency fee plan. A contingency fee plan basically means that the client or defendant will not be required to pay any fees or charges until the lawyer wins their case. 

You should know that the fees may likely range from $350-$650 on an hourly basis, depending on the region of each case. 

Common lawyer fees you should expect when hiring a lawyer; 

  • Hourly fees 

While each attorney’s fees may vary from each case, you must know that any lawyer will at least charge $200 per hour. If you need a lawyer for a particular purpose, you should consider hiring them on an hourly basis. 

If you are unsure about your purpose of hiring a lawyer, it would be best to evaluate the requirements. Otherwise, the fees can rise and add up quickly. 

  • Contingency fee

You will only need to pay the legal fees for a lawyer if they win your case in court. If a lawyer does not help you achieve your desired outcomes and loses the case, you will not be required to pay any fee. 

Once the lawyer wins the case, you will be required to pay a certain percentage of your payment after winning the case. The percentage usually ranges from 35-45%. You should consider hiring a lawyer who provides a contingency fee plan if you do not have the money in hand for legal fees. 

  • Unbundled services 

Such an option allows one to limit the involvement of the attorney in the case. Unbundled services allow you to handle the majority of the case. You will likely pay a flat fee instead of an hourly fee. 


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