How does a business benefit from tax credits and accelerate its growth?

Whenever a small business finds it tough to stay afloat amidst the cutthroat competition, tax credits are of immense help, especially during a sluggish economy. For instance, when the world was hit by the covid-19 pandemic, the employee retention credit introduced in 2020 offered a $7,000 credit for employees for the companies that qualified. If you could claim ERC for Texas businesses, you are certainly among the lucky ones who could use these funds to retain your employees. 

Tax credits assist businesses to keep their doors open, get off the ground,  and invest in the most strategic aspects. Let’s get to know a little more about how a business can benefit from tax credits.

Payroll tax credits –  What are they?

As the name suggests, payroll tax credits can reduce the total amount of payroll taxes owed by a business. These are taxes that are levied on both the employees and the employers and these taxes consist of social security, income tax, Medicare taxes, and Federal unemployment tax. With the help of payroll tax credits offered to small businesses, the employees can reduce the amount they have to contribute to such taxes.

What is the reason behind the existence of tax credits?

If you are looking forward to reducing the tax bill of your company, tax credits can be of help.  They are like an incentive that allow you to engage in techniques and strategies that benefit both the communities and the individuals. When you are able to retain cash that would otherwise be paid in the form of taxes, you can use those funds strategically in order to make more profits. 

What makes tax credits so important for a business?

There are several reasons why tax credits are important. primarily these credits are utilized to incentivize desired actions and behaviors.  They can also be leveraged as important tools in helping determine the desired result. For example,  when the Government of a nation wants to persuade its taxpayers to focus on building a green environment, they may offer tax credits on energy-efficient appliances or on alternative fuels. For small businesses, tax credits can help them gain an edge over others, thereby promoting business competitiveness. 

So,  if you think your business might be eligible for tax credits, you can get in touch with a business financial advisor and seek his expert opinion on the steps to take. 

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