How Do You Choose the Right Concierge Service for Your Rental Property ?

A good concierge service for your rental property is not hard to find if you know the qualities to look out for. There are so many concierge services with trusted and reputable credentials. However, it requires a careful look and examination to get the best. Read and learn five attributes you must consider before choosing a concierge service.

Read reviews

If a concierge company has an online presence, you will find one or two reviews about their services. To know if the concierge company is reliable and trustworthy, seek online reviews and find out what customers say. Stay away from concierge companies that have more negative reviews from customers. Reviews will broaden your choice and help you choose the best. Make sure the concierge company is familiar with a property management.

Ensure the concierge company fits your requirements

Don’t hire a concierge company because a friend or relative works with the company. You must ensure that the concierge services have all the requirements for your rental property. Ask the concierge company representative about the kind of services they offer. Then, check if the concierge services match your needs or requirements.

Conduct an interview

Usually, a concierge company has a front desk that responds to all your inquiries. However, you don’t have to stop at the front desk. Request that you speak with the company’s manager or any other person whose words are authority. Ask questions and make sure you get a guarantee that they will do a good job.


Importantly, you need to compare the billing methods of the concierge company and their competitors. Find out if the concierge company offer discount or if their prices are high. If the concierge company charges higher, look for one within your budget.


Remember, you need a trustworthy concierge company because you don’t want your items missing in transit. Always read the concierge company’s terms and conditions before you proceed with any transaction. Finally, you must hire a concierge company that trains their staff regularly. If you use these tips, you will hire a good concierge company.