How do newbies practice archery at home?

If you are Sitting for a long time in class and work, poor sitting posture can cause problems such as hunchback and myopia. Improve physical fitness and build a good body shape  but you have no place to practice It’s wanted to know about the perfect place at home to practice archery .here are someplace idea  to newbies  practice archery at home

The underground garage of the community

occupies for 11 years, there are not many cars, and the lighting is good. There is an 18marrow path that can be used as a channel without opening.  Be sure to find a place with few or no people.  You can select it for the ground of your practice.

Disadvantages: summer is stuffy and wet. Winter is dry and cold. Far inferior to outdoor. But it’s not a major problem

Advantages: Convenient and time-saving, long-term archery target can be set up, rainproof.

Archery can do shooting training by setting targets on the roof of the community

the roof of the community is a separation wall on the roof, so you don’t have to worry about losing your hand. Generally, no one climbs to the top.

Disadvantages: The summer is super sultry, the winter is very windy, it is not useful on rainy days, the available distance is limited (3~5 meters), and can only be used for shooting training.

Advantages: convenient and time-saving, by setting targets on the roof can set long-term archery target

 River landscape belt outside the community

River landscape belt outside the community will be perfect, but Still the main premise, you must find a place with few or no people.

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Disadvantages: There are many mosquitoes, and you can’t set up an archery target for a long time.

Advantages: The air is relatively better in the morning and evening. (On loading, the target is loaded into the trunk all the year-round)

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