How creative packaging box can improve the unboxing experience?

As an e-commerce enterprise, the way of product packaging is extremely important, in this era of online shopping, to create a perfect unboxing experience for customers can create a good image for the brand.

When online shopping becomes a growing trend, the brand’s main concern is to deliver its products safely and unscathed to customers. However, with the development of the packaging industry, the unboxing experience of online shopping products has become more personalized and emotional. Now, your brand has gone completely beyond the product itself, depending on how you make your brand feel.

If your customers find it a great experience to buy from you, they’re more likely to share the experience with family, friends, and post it on social media. So how do you create this so-called perfect out-of-the-box experience?

Box Design

Usually the main element of packaging is the product box itself. Boxes are often the first element that customers see, so brands may want to consider adding branded Logos or something compelling to the box.

Thin Sheets

Adding thin sheets to the box shows the brand’s interest in product details. At the same time, when the customer opens the product box, it can also play a role in improving the sense of the ceremony of unpacking. The logo can also be printed in thin sheets according to the needs of the brand, as well as different colors.

Linings & Insert

For fragile package gift boxes, brands can customize the box lining so that not only do they protect the product during transport, but they also keep the interior cleaner when the customer opens the box. For non-fragile items such as dolls, fillers such as Rafi grass can be used to fill the pores.

Ribbons & Stickers

Decorative elements play an important role in gift packaging boxes. Using beautiful ribbons and stickers to match your brand colors can provide your customers with a more emotional shopping experience.

No matter what element you choose to add to your package, you need to think about what impression you will make if you are a customer and when you receive the package. By experiencing your customers’ shopping experience, you can better evaluate the performance of your box.

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