How COVID-19 is Affecting the Smartphone Industry around the world

Covid-19 came into our lives as a devil incarnate. It has altered every aspect of life. Not only people but the industrial sector has also faced huge challenges since the past year.  Smartphone industry is facing an economic drought because of the pandemic that Covid has brought upon us. The following points explain the ways in which the smartphone industry has been affected by Covid. 

Availability of Smartphone

Due to certain restrictions and lockdowns, manufacturing industries have been suffering huge losses. They have rolled back the production of smartphones and the availability of latest smartphones also affected greatly. Also, the demand for the smartphone has been declining due to the economic drought. Bigger giants like Samsung have reduced their productions because of the lesser demand worldwide. 

Smartphone-Notable Changes in the usage

Although the sales of smartphones have been declining, the usage of smartphones has experienced great heights. The usage of social media and cloud services is more than it could ever be, the reason being the restrictions and country-wide lockdowns, online classes, office work etc. Everything depends on this tiny compact device these days. 

There has been a sharp increase in the usage of mobile phones since march of 2020. Everything from businesses to education has shifted to online. Everyone was forced to follow a new pattern of living to halt the spread of this deadly virus. The use of applications like Zoom, Ms teams, has hit a huge increase since 2020. It has become a basic necessity for everyone of this age to keep up with daily tasks. Also, it keeps us updated about the things happening around us. 

Disruptions in the supply of components

Due to the restrictions imposed by every country in trade, the supply of the components has declined greatly. Covid has affected the trade sector of every country majorly. The restrictions have halted the process of production. Due to which the demand and supply of smartphones both have suffered greatly. 

Alteration in our regimes

The use of mobile phones has increased more than ever. Every task seems impossible without the smartphone, and thanks to Covid for altering the ways of living. The high usage of mobile phones has made people lazy and sluggish. We cannot imagine what life could have been without smartphone devices during such a time. Through smartphones, we keep ourselves updated with the news worldwide. 

Covid has impacted the growth of 5G

Experts have predicted that Covid has put obstacles in the way of 5G. It has not created the hype it should have been. Restrictions imposed in the industries have delayed the production of affordable 5G devices. Since the demand for smartphones has reduced greatly, the development of 5 G-enabled devices has halted. 

Smart-phone based Covid-19 tests

Researchers are working on making an app that can perform the test and show the result without going to a doctor. They are working on making a user-friendly app that is available to the smartphone of any brand. There is a high possibility of the covid-test app to be developed by the end of this year.

Restoration of the Smartphone industry

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become a necessity. Covid has made us realize the importance of this smart device even more. Despite being the most important weapon in today’s digital age, the smartphone industry has suffered a huge downturn due to the Covid. The losses suffered by these industries cannot be restored overnight. Things will take to heal from the damages caused by Covid. Less production, sudden drop in sales and economic downturn cost the smartphone industries a huge amount. 

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