How Could You Manage The Huawei App Gallery?

Huawei App Gallery offers free mobile apps that deliver high quality content to enrich people’s lives on their smartphones or tablets. With help from the Huawei App Gallery, you can find applications for productivity, games and leisure time activities as well as learn about events happening around the world with just one touch through the “News” tab.

How to Manage The Huawei App Gallery?

With the Outlook Huawei App Gallery, you can access your email accounts and stay connected with your important contacts. Moreover, you won’t have to connect your PC to a network anymore to check your emails. 

As they will be conveniently waiting for you on your notebook any time and from anywhere. You can also manage your Outlook contacts and calendar on your smartphone.

  • Android App Gallery

With the Android App Gallery, you can find and download a variety of essential apps to make your smartphone or tablet more useful, colorful and fun. Additionally, all of your downloaded Android apps are updated automatically so that they work perfectly with your device.

  • DU Battery App Gallery

The DU Battery app is specially designed to monitor the performance of all devices running on Huawei Mobile Platforms. While it performs critical functions such as battery charging and temperature monitoring of the device, it also provides a multitude of other functions that may range from adjusting brightness settings to playing games. The DU Battery app is available on both iOS and Android (version 6).

Offline support and battery-saving mode

By using this function, you can communicate with the world at anytime and anywhere, while maintaining the offline data in Outlook. The other way you can utilize an application is to turn off the phone’s screen after coming back from a trip or meeting to save power; so that it can be used for other activities such as calling someone or watching movies.

  • Auto backup using BT client

A major advantage of this application is that it can automatically backup every message, appointment, contact and all the data saved on your device to a remote server. Now when your phone gets broken or you are in a situation where you don’t have any access to your email account or lost your messages or contacts. You can simply restore them to a normal working state. The service provided by the BT client app is quite useful in trying situations like this.

  • Credit card management tool

With this app, you can easily manage all the details of your credit card and keep track of where you spend money. All information relating to your spending pattern will be shown in a consolidated fashion so that you can get an overview. The card management app can also help you out in paying bills, keeping track of debt and paying them off.

Final Word

The out-of-box settings on some Huawei products may not be optimum for your usage. The Huawei App Gallery provides a number of tools and services, to help you set up your notebook so that it can best meet your needs.