History of Banarasi Sarees

History of Banarasi Sarees The world is a small place and the history of Banaras is as well known as any other place in India. You can know more about the history of Banarasis in India through this article. It’s not possible for all of us to know all the different things that happened during the historical period, but we do have some information about that period. The interesting part about the history of Banarasis is that even today people wear the traditional attires made by the people of that era. We will now go into detail about the Banarasi Sarees.

The History of Banarasi Sarees The first attires of Banarasi Sarees were woven by the Brahmins or the nobility of old India. They were mainly worn by them as a sign of their rank in society. These attires were mainly composed of Silk threads that were woven on the Banarasi fabric, which is considered to be the finest silk in the world. These Banarasi Sarees was commonly used in the court of the Maharaja of Jodhpur and his son Emperor Akbar. Later on different kinds of industries based from handicrafts, ware, and textile items started weaving them and the popularity of these Banarasa Sarees was also on the increase.

Different Types of Wearing Styles Different kinds of industries had different kinds of requirements while manufacturing these Banarasi Sarees. As a result different types of fabrics and designs emerged with the changing of time and tastes. Nowadays the Banarasa Saree has adopted various styles and patterns that include the embroidery, perforated designs, gherkin style, art style and lehenga style. The designer sarees that are woven on silk threads have a unique design process that requires intricate expertise of artisans.

Embroidery Some of the most famous embroidery patterns that are incorporated in these types of areas include the babi pattern, such pattern, and palmetto pattern. However, all these patterns are mainly based on the Silver thread technique. Banarasi Sarees Embroidered with silver threads is highly admired among the women’s community. The handloom weavers use special materials and technology in the process of making a Bannersa Saree which includes use of silver thread, pearl thread, gold thread, and various kinds of resham embroidery tools.

Hand weaving Process One of the most important aspects of the hand woven art is that these types of saris have an elegant look and finish. They are not only popular amongst the women’s community but are also being considered appropriate attire for special functions. Today there are several companies that specialize in manufacturing hand woven Bananarasi Sarees. Most of these companies use the highest quality of silk and other natural fibres that are used to weave the sarees. Therefore, when you buy Sarees online from these companies you can be assured of getting a high quality product that is made using the finest threads and also has a finish that can add elegance to the outfit.

Various types of Fabric Varieties of cotton sarees online are available in a number of different types of fabrics including silk, cotton, jute, rayon, nylon, polyester and many more. Each type of fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a Banarasi Saree it is essential to check the thread count and also the density of the fabric. It is essential to consider the fact that if the thread density is less then there will be more weight and the saree will not remain wrinkle free for long.

Different Types of Designs The patterns and designs that are using to make these types of sarees have been in existence since centuries. In fact the art of weaving and designing of these

types of Banarasi Sarees is said to have begun during the period of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and it continued on under the reign of Akbar and his successors. However, with the advent of the European countries, there was a shift in the designs that were used to make these Banarasi Sarees. The designs during this period were mainly floral patterns that added a touch of class to these types of Banarasi Sarees. However, with the passing of time various other types of patterns and designs that are used in the making of these three have been innovated and incorporated into the making of these silk sarees online.

There were certain motifs that had the capacity of making these items look elegant and stylish. Also, there were times when the designers used these motifs to add some zing to their items. With the advent of the modern era and advancement in the technology, the looms that were used during the period of Mughal royalty were replaced by the mechanized looms that were much more efficient and productive. With the use of these looms, new designs were incorporated into these areas along with the use of new colours as well as patterns that made these items look extremely stylish.

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