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About The city of London is the epitome of culture and beauty, where you can find artworks and historic landmarks. There are numerous historical places in London that can assist you in understanding the city’s rich history to the Roman time. London’s Palace of Westminster and Tower of London are situated within the city’s charming medieval streets. London is filled with culture and art as well as its historic places.

The most well-known pieces of art and compositions are on display on display at both the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum. It is impossible to get a tire on the famous landmarks in London that span from palaces of royalty to medieval towers crazy cathedrals to amazing historical sites on the River Thames, gorgeous art galleries to cozy, traditional streets.

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Tower Bridge– visit a iconic landmark in London and enjoy an amazing tour. The captivating River Thames is crossed by drawbridges that are located close to Tower Bridge. Tower of London. Tower Bridge has been a integral part on London’s London skyline for a long time and continues to draw large crowds of tourists from across the globe. The most unique of masterpieces, Tower Bridge in London measures 800 feet long and features two towers of immense height. On the southern part of the bridge lies the Southwark region of Bermondsey while the northern portion of the bridge has been named Tower Hill.

Tower Of London – Book you Tower Of London Tickets and explore the city’s best recognizable structures, which is also a World Heritage Site, while discovering its secrets and stories that are not told. The tower was built in the centre in London at the time of 1066 the palace was used as the castle, jail for torture, a prison, and an execution tower. The tower has a long story that spans hundreds of years and is an abundance of fascinating stories. Take advantage of the chance to explore some of England’s most intriguing historical treasures, which include valuable antiques, precious stones lavish palaces, and extravagant museums.

Buckingham Palace- Her Majesty the Queen of England The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has made the gorgeous Buckingham Palace home. A palace still being used as a royal residence includes Buckingham Palace. It was originally purchased from King James I for the purpose to establish a mulberry garden for silkworms to be raised, Buckingham Palace dates back to 1603 and has evolved to be as stunning as it is. Unfortunately the monarch picked the wrong type of mulberry and, when the venture ended in disaster it was decided to construct Buckingham House. Buckingham House.

St. Paul’s Cathedral– St. Paul’s Cathedral is another of London’s historic wonders and an iconic architectural structure of the city’s past. This cathedral has been in existence for over three centuries, is the primary church that is part of the London Diocese and also the place of residence for London Bishop. London Bishop. Additionally, the church is famous as having the second-largest dome in the world. A 360-degree view of city life is accessible via the 528 steps that lead up to The Golden Gallery.

Westminster Abbey- A regal church that is tucked away in the middle of London, Westminster Abbey is classified as a World Heritage Site. This church was among the most important historical sites in London and had a profound influence on the political, social and the cultural life of Britain. It is also recognized as the place of coronation that is traditionally used and also the final resting place of English and British King George VI.

Kensington Palace– Kensington Palace is distinguished as a royal palace among the numerous historic sites of London. It is home to the British royal Family has made Kensington Gardens’ palace home since the 17th century. It is believed that the Duke and Duchess Cambridge currently reside there as their official home in London The State Rooms are open to all visitors. You can also see artifacts and other objects that belong to the Royal Collection.


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