Hikari LED Headlight review

A great deal of attention has been drawn to this brand since its HIKARI CREE series was launched in 2016. The LED headlight bulbs are made with the most innovative technology available. As a result, they perform efficiently in all conditions. They produce a crisp and bright beam.

For a look at what an excellent product looks like, check out the Hikari LED review. Your purchase will be authentic and of high quality since it comes from Hikari, dude!

Beam pattern and Brightness 

Let’s start with the beam pattern and brightness. It would be best to start with the beam with LED kit retrofits, as it is the most crucial component. 

  • The Hikari chips are a pleasant touch. Lumileds Luxeon Z ES chips are found on each side for 6 LEDs per bulb. 
  • There are 12 lights in total for a kit, with a claim of 12,000 lumens from Hikari. However, you can test them at a total lumen output of 5570. That’s a lot farther off from the claimed 5570 lumens.
  • A distinctive design can be seen around the LEDs themselves. 
  • Bulb sizes are not the same size; one is larger, and one is smaller. Because of its ability to precisely focus the light, it can outperform many other kits.


The Pattern Of Reflector Beams @ 12′

Our test reflector tested the kit at a brightness of 4390 lux per bulb at 12 feet. With halogen in the same headlight, the total lux would be 3220 instead of 8780 with the LED kit. Light output will be 173% higher than stock halogen and about 2.5X higher than Sylvania Silverstar Ultra upgraded halogen kits.

With high beams, you’ll get approximately 88% more light compared to halogen, almost twice the peak brightness.

Beam patterns are extremely important, especially with reflector style headlights used in low beams, to avoid blinding, dazzling, or dazzling oncoming drivers. You can test this kit with several different headlight sets, all of which have perfect beams or near-perfect beams.


The Pattern Of The Projector Beam @ 12′

You will not be disappointed if you have halogen projectors with this kit as well. The kit ranks #1 in this headlight style, even though you might think there are better kits for projectors. As of this review, only a few Amazon kits, or premium kits, outperformed the competition. Low-beam projectors produce 246% MORE light than halogen, while high-beam projectors produce 105% more light than halogen.

Even if you’re thinking about buying HID, this kit is brighter than all the kits you can test till now! A high-end HID kit like Morimoto’s or DeAutoLED’s is more radiant, but that’s like comparing apples to oranges, isn’t it? The real upside of LED headlights such as Hikari is the value for money. 

Compared to the perfect Halogen or HID beam pattern, the beam pattern is ideal but not as good. During regular use, you will notice a small dark spot in the lower center, but this will not affect the real-life use of the LEDs. 

The Temperature Of Kelvin/Color

LEDs look “better,” this is why many people upgrade to them. They believe that it is the best option for them because it mimics the look of xenon (OE HID), a more expensive feature or add-on package for your car. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and other luxury brands use xenon packages that mimic the more intense and radiant color of LED lights very well. Tap here to chat with real person.

You Can See This Kit Featured In:

The tests showed a color of 6450k on this kit. By comparison, the original halogen was around 3400 K, while the upgraded kits were closer to 3700 K. This light will appear primarily white with a slight hint of blue, kind of like the xenon look, but a little bluer. The LED tests ranged from about 5250k to about 7300k, which has got pretty blue. Compared to the average LED kit in the market, this one performs well.

Wrapping It Up! 

You can’t go wrong with this LED Headlight kit if you’re looking for a low-cost option. Though there are “better” and “premium” LED brands, this kit still outperforms them in the beam category and is brighter or almost as bright as those. With an easy installation process, a cool-running engine, a crazy bright light, and a 2-year warranty, this light won’t let you down as you upgrade your vehicle and drive at night . It’s a splendid choice!

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