Here’s how you can build your website on WordPress

Are you planning on launching your business soon? Or perhaps you want to come up with a high-end online e-store that can turn a new startup into a major success? Or maybe you want to test your hand on web development. Whatever the reason is, you are at the right place. Today, we will be dealing with a quick guide on creating a website through one of the most popular softwares, WordPress. If you are an aspiring WordPress developer, you may be looking for Jobs for WordPress developer too.

There are plenty of Jobs for WordPress developer since there is an increase in online content and site creations. If you want to start looking for jobs and opportunities, you can get it here. However, if you are looking for an essential guide on how you can push your skills or get started in development for that read on. Building a website in the past was a strenuous task, learning different coding languages and whatnot. Thanks to platforms like WordPress, even an average individual who may not know a lot can create a site within days.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the power source behind a vast number of sites you see today on any search engine. It is free-of-cost software that lets you create websites with free and well-designed templates. Technically speaking, it is a content management system more commonly known as a CMS. Although it was launched not long ago, it has managed to attract developers towards itself. Owing to its great features, no prior skills required, and quick solution to make a website, it is one of the most popular CM systems globally.

How to make a website on WordPress?

Nextly, we will be going through how you can quickly design an actual live site on WordPress. So whether you are looking for an e-store site or a blogging site, this is the route to follow.

Step 1: Acquiring a domain

Firstly, you need to have a domain name for your site, like the site’s name. Without one, you can’t get started with your site, or even if you do, it would be a site that can get registered by someone else. You can come up with any domain name you want, whatever your business is. It would be something like Unfortunately, you will have to buy your domain name from many domain sites out there. These can be pretty cheap or expensive, too, depending on which domain name you choose and where you buy it from.

You want to buy a domain from your business name since that is what people would be searching online for. At the end of every domain name, you will see a .com and other extensions such as .org, .net, or .co used today. The average price of it is around 20 bucks, but they can be cheaper or expensive depending on where you buy them from.

Step 2: Getting a web hosting service

Once you have acquired a domain name, you need a server to launch your site. This is a hosting service that will host your site and keep it live. Without a hosting site, you can’t release your site; many hosting servers are out there, opt for one that fits your requirement. The listing can be pretty cheap and expensive, too, depending on the site’s content, the number of audiences you get, and other site functions. Finally, you would need to link your domain with the hosting server.

Step 3: Installing the software

Now that you have your hands on domain and hosting service, you’re all set to launch your site; the last major step is designing the interface or the main front-end website. Next, you install the WordPress software; you can download the software online directly by clicking download. Afterward, you have to run the file and install it on your computer. Again, you can do this from your website service or manually by finding the right software.

Step 4: Layouts

While making your site from scratch can become a pretty hectic journey. But with WordPress, you have almost everything done for you. Now since you have downloaded the software, it’s time to design your site. First, you have to choose a template or layout for your site; this is going to be an essential blueprint or theme the whole area will have. There are pre-made and well-designed themes uploaded on WordPress. You can use or customize them according to what you like.

Some themes or templates can also be great for your site, but they may be not available in the free version of the software. That is why if you plan on taking web development to the next level, you should invest in the premium account of WordPress to get your hands on great templates. You can even install plugins on your WordPress site.

Step 5: Creating pages and posts

Now that your primary site is all set, it’s time to make pages and posts. The plus sign on your software can add pages; the pages won’t change unless you edit them properly, so you should edit if you want to add different content there. Posts are some of the blogs or something you keep adding to your site. They would be in sequence, and you can add these even after the site is launched.

Step 6: Other customizations

Afterward, you have the whole playground to play in, while designing you can do a lot, from changing site names, titles, and how someone can comment there, and much more. Then, all you have to do is explore your options.

Final thoughts

Building a website through WordPress is a quick and great way to do so. Especially since over one-third of the websites you do see online are made on WordPress. Once you grasp how to design stuff on WordPress, you can even design websites for a living. WordPress is an excellent software but if it’s a career, we recommend switching to the premium account.