Headband wigs VS Closure wigs


According to the function and type of wigs, wigs are often divided into many types. Among various types of wigs, headband wigs and closure wigs are the most representative and the two most commonly purchased wigs. This article will introduce the advantages of these two wigs, hoping to be helpful.

What is headband wig

Headband wig is a wig that can be installed without the use of glue. The biggest feature of this wig is that it has an elastic headband, which can provide stronger stability for the headband wig. Headband wigs are now available in many hairstyles and colors, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular and popular. In addition, headband wigs have the following advantages:

What are the pros of headband wigs

Headband wig is easy to install

If you need throw on and go wigs, then headband wigs would be a good choice. The Headband wig does not contain lace and can be installed without glue. There are small hairpins in the front, rear, left and right directions inside the hair cap, which can help you firmly fix the wig on your head. When you need to put on the headband wigs, you just put them on and fasten the clips. In addition, its elastic hair band will also make the whole wig stronger. There is no problem even if you swim in the water with a headband wig.

Headband wig is fit for sport

As mentioned earlier, the headband wig has an elastic headband, which makes the headband wig very strong. You can wear the headband wig while running, swimming, or playing without worrying about it falling off. In addition, the headband wigs will also give you a more athletic feeling. All in all, the headband wig is more suitable for sports than the average wig.

Headband wig is affordable

The headband wig is very cheap and a great option for anyone

What is closure wigs

Closure wigs are a type of lace wigs. Its lace wigs are generally 4×4 inches or 5×5 inches in size. Closure lace wigs are also a bit cheaper than other lace wigs due to the smaller area of lace. For many people, the closure lace wig is an affordable lace wig.

What are the pros of closure wigs

Closure wigs could provide you a natural headline

The lace of Closure lace wigs allows you to have a natural hairline. When you install a lace wig, the lace will naturally conform to your skin. At close range, people won’t notice you’re wearing a wig.

Closure wigs are breathable than other wigs

Lace is a lightweight and breathable material. The lace part of Closure lace wigs can improve the breathability of the wig very well.

Closure wigs is glueless lace wig

Closure lace wig can achieve glueless installation due to its small lace area. Closure lace wig is the only lace wig that can be installed without glue. Therefore, people also call closure lace wig as glueless lace wig


The headband wig and the closure lace wig are great wigs. You should choose a wig according to your preferences and needs. In general, if you need to wear a wig out the door a lot and want to show off your hairline, then a closure wig might be better for you. If you like to take your wig off while you sleep, the headband wig’s quick-install feature might make it even more enjoyable.

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