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Cast: M. G. Ramachandran T. R. Rajakumari Rajasulochana G. Varalakshmi S. D. Subbulakshmi E. V.
Direction: T. R. Ramanna
Music: Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy
Song Quality: HQ
Language: Tamil
Year: 1955

Movie Soundtrack And Download Links

1. Bhagavali Naattilae – Download
Singers: T. M. Sounderarajan

2. Kaiyai Thottathum – Download
Singers: T. M. Sounderarajan, P. Leela

3. Kannalae Pesum – Download
Singers: Jikki

4. Maaya Valayil – Download
Singers: T. M. Sounderarajan

5. Nayagamae Nabi – Download
Singers: S. C. Krishnan & Nagore E. M. Hanifa

6. La Sokka Potta Navabu – Download
Singers: Jikki

7. Villendhum Veerarellam – Download
Singers: Thiruchi Loganathan, P. Leela, G. K. Venkatesh

8. Vitthara Kalliyellam – Download
Singers: T. M. Sounderarajan

Gulebagaavali Zip Download Link

Gulebagaavali (1955) Full Album.zip

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