Guide to Choosing The Best Tile Cutter

A tile cutter is a tool designed to carefully cut fragile materials such as ceramics. this tool helps in reducing wastage that is caused by shattering. A tile cutter is an essential tool for anyone with the desire to install tiles in their residencefor an impressive house layout.

Tile cutter tips and good practice

The initial score

The initial score you create is essential, as a result, it should be clean and smooth. consider not going over the same score severally to avoid a ragged edge.

Using the correct pressure

Consider using minimal pressure using high pressure or pressing hard on the tile surface can lead to internal tile breakage.

Making your cuts

Use a pen or pencil to make markings on the tile before scoring the surface, by so doing you can counter-check before cutting.

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Ensure smooth edges

After snapping the tile along the score line, ensure that the edges are smooth using a diamond rubber pad. this step helps in elevating your tile installation result.

Things to consider before buying a tile cutter

The first essential thing you are required to do while starting your tiling project is to determine the type of tile cutter you should use.

Types of tile cutters

Manual tile cutter

This cutter may be more appropriate when you are carrying out a smaller project. these tools are more affordable than electric tools.

Manual tile cutters are a great option for home DIY tasks that need heavy and bigger tiles.

Considering your tile cutter size and thickness

Another factor to consider is the size which is defined into two

It should be strong to finish the job. this is the case whereby your project is large and heavier tiles are been used for tiling. the tile cutter you choose needs to have enough breaking force to create easy and smooth edges.

The tile cutter should be of the correct length, depending on the tile size you are using. you can use a larger tile cutter for small tiles but not vice versa. the tile being cut need to fit in the tile cutter to make a clean cut.

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Features of the -tile cutter

The tile cutter price in Kenya is determined by the following key tile features

  • The tile cutter is installed with a powerful cutting system that has tungsten carbide cutting wheels that offer smooth cutting.
  • Has a maximum cutting length of 32 inches
  • Has net weight of 10.8kg
  • Overall Length of 105 cm
  • It is installed with high precision ruler to enhance exact multi angle cutting.
  • Reinforced extra-large rail bars support for stability
  • It is built with bigger bearing surfaces.
  • Support arms that aid at supporting large tiles and ease tile positioning.
  • Extra wide base for offering greater stability and rigidity.

Benefits of the-tile cutter

  • Durable since it has high wear resistance.
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Used for heavy duty operations
  • It is very portable
  • Offers great precision since it has many sizes of cutting wheels


In Kenya 32-inch manual tile cutter is a heavy-duty machine that is famous in the construction industry for its accurate tile cutting capability. It is readily available at favorable prices.

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