FUT 22 – Strasbourg’s Powerful ‘TOTS’ Striker, Ludovic Ajorque

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With the end of the French Ligue 1, FUT 22 has identified a few notable players that have been excellent throughout the recent campaign, with Strasbourg’s 28-year old forward, Ludovic Ajorque, receiving an explosive ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) boost today!

Strasbourg might not have been expecting a top ten (10) standing in the French Ligue 1, but their hard work and steadfast dedication has managed to pull the club further this season.

The recognition should justifiably fall to the great performances of the team’s wonderful players, and one person in particular is set to welcome a new TOTS Player Card in FUT 22.

That player is none other than Strasbourg’s respectable striker, Ludovic Ajorque, who has consistently help the team out of tight pinches in recent months!

Ajorque’s latest player card now boasts outstanding improvements, to say the least:

(ST) Ludovic Ajorque’s ‘Team of the Season’ Player Card: OVR 92

  • Physicality: 93 (+12)
  • Shooting: 92 (+14)
  • Dribbling: 91 (+21)
  • Pace: 90 (+30)
  • Passing: 81 (+21)
  • Defending: 31 (+12)

He is now an elite player, both fast on his feet and robust in the air, and he is even capable of dribbling around defenders before placing his shots now too!

For such a glorious player card, you only need to complete four (4) Squad Objectives in the game right now:

  • HEADING HEIGHTS (Reward: Gold Pack)
    • Score three (3) headers in Squad Battles on Semi-Professional difficulty (or higher, and or Rivals)
  • FRENCH FLUIDITY (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player)
    • Assist four (4) goals using French players in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty (or higher, and or Rivals)
  • GOAL GETTER (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)
    • Score using Ligue 1 players in five (5) separate Squad Battles on Professional difficulty (or higher, and or Rivals)
  • WIN 8 (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)
    • Win eight (8) matches in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty (or higher) using eleven (11) Ligue 1 players in the starting line-up for RIvals

You should definitely grab this golden opportunity to recruit a world-class goal-scorer for your UT before the Squad Objectives expire around 3rd June 2022 (Friday) soon.

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