Fun slot game bikini party

Head to the beach to meet characters playing volleyball at bikini parties. This five-reel game is located on the seafront with soft white sand and sparkling blue waves.

Microgaming slots have no paylines. Instead, they opted for the 243 ways to win pattern, meaning players could create winning combinations anywhere. Without the need to select specific paylines before playing

There are some special features to be aware of in bikini parties. The main thing is the free spins round. Which is formed by the volleyball scatter symbol there is also an interesting new spin feature. This allows the player to spin a single reel after an unsuccessful spin. It comes at a price, and the price depends on the tendency of the dealer to result in large payouts.

Read on to learn more about how bikini party works and what you can expect from sunbathing online สล็อตออนไลน์ slot machines.

How to play bikini party

Bikini party is a pretty simple game. Therefore, it is suitable for those who are new to online slots. But more experienced players will find tons of fun features to enjoy in this game. From re-spin options to attractive free spin rounds. This is how the bikini party slot machine works.

There are five reels to view and three rows of symbols on the screen. Unlike some games, this game does not have a payline setting that must be enabled in advance. In a bikini, party winning combinations can be made anywhere. The symbols just have to be next to each other to trigger the payout.

In the beginning, the player simply selects the amount to bet per spin and presses the button. When the wheel stops moving the game will remind the player of the winning combination created. And if any bonus feature is activated (e.g. Via scatter symbols) the game will start automatically.

There are two special symbols in the bikini party the game logo and the volleyball scatter symbol. Other high-yielding symbols to look out for are women playing volleyball in multicolored bikinis. The playing card icon pays lower. But it can still be called a decent payout. If you manage to get enough at once

Bikini party jackpot and bonuses

The highest prize in a bikini party is the jackpot. This is paid when five volleyball players in red bikinis appear in a row. The reward for this is 160x your stake. So it can be a lot of money.

Bonus features include free spins. This is automatically activated whenever three or more scatter symbols are present. There are 15 free spins and every winning payout is instantly multiplied by three. Players can get more free spins by spreading the spread between rounds. So theoretically it can continue for some time.

The game also has a spin-back feature. This is an interesting add-on that gives players the opportunity to spin a single reel after a spin in the main game. It’s perfect for those disappointing occasions when it’s almost time to create a winning combination. This option is not free players only have to pay once but it is very useful to unlock some of the biggest real money rewards in the game.

Bikini party mobile option

Bikini party is available on mobile and desktop. It works with windows, apple, and android devices and is suitable for both tablets and smartphones. The game was developed with mobile compatibility in mind. So please rest assured that you will get the same quality experience from this game. No matter what you choose to play it looks good on smaller screens. And all game actions can be done through touch screen functionality. Access bikini party at top mobile casinos to play games while you are on the go. You don’t even need to download the app to start playing!


Bikini party is a bright and colorful สล็อต slot machine with fun themes and fun sound effects, with 243 ways to win and tons of extra features to enjoy. This is an interesting game that is guaranteed to catch the attention of players. This game is optimized for mobile devices. And it offers a great gaming experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Players can bet anything from $0.25 to $125 per spin and can create winning combinations across the page. Screen enjoy a day at the beach with bikini party characters and see if you can unlock free spins. Or even a jackpot of up to 160x your bet.

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