From Employee to Entrepreneur: What Should You Do to Create Your Own Business

Maybe this is the time for you to get out of your comfort zone and do something new and more challenging. If so, why not try to walk on the wild side, and start your own business?

This is no easy task. An office employee who usually performs tasks systematically with a definite income each month will encounter difficulties in starting a business because entrepreneurship requires more creativity, as well as critical and flexible thinking. But it’s not impossible for you to start a business that might change your life! 

You might be still unsure about what to do, whether saying goodbye to your current employment to become an entrepreneur is a good decision or not. To help you decide, here are the plus and the minus of being regular employees!

What is The Plus of Being a Regular Employee?

1. Have a fixed monthly income

Fixed income makes it easier for you to plan and manage your finances. For example, how much money you can save every month. Or you can also estimate how much time you need to tighten your belt when money is running low.

2. Have a proper health insurance 

A company usually will provide their employees with health insurance that can be utilized if you are suddenly sick. As we know, the cost of healthcare is not as affordable, thus ensuring that you have proper health insurance in case something unfortunate happens is a must. 

3. You have a definite rest period.

The law guarantees employees’ rights to have holidays, non-working days, and annual leave. Thus, you will have a definite rest time. It will be much easier for you to balance work and rest if you are an employee, rather than if you are an entrepreneur who just started building your business.

What is The Minus of Being a Regular Employee?

1. The work is monotone

When you are employed by a company, usually the work that you do will only circulate around the same thing. Thus you won’t have many opportunities to learn something new or cultivate your other skills.

2. Prone to health problems

Business with high intensity that usually happens among employees, can trigger stress easily. Not to mention the habit of sitting too long, working in front of the computer for hours, and lack of rest, can also trigger various health problems. Most employees also often forget to eat because they are busy working on their projects.

3. Unequal pay 

Unequal pay is one of the problems that many office workers complain about. This usually is also one of the most pointed reasons, why regular employees would like to change lanes from employee to business owner. 

The Ultimate Tips to Help You Build Your Business

If you still want to go through with the plan to be an entrepreneur, you should read the ultimate guidelines below that can help you out with your entrepreneurship journey!

. Determine the right business idea

You can turn your passion or hobby into a business opportunity, but if it is less profitable, maybe you are better off choosing another more profitable business. In a business context, profit is more important than just promoting ego, passion, or hobby.

2. Have sufficient capital to start

There are many businesses that you can do with minimal capital. But if you are aiming big, you may need investors or apply for a loan from a bank or cooperative. If you aim to build a startup, many channels can connect you with Venture Capitalists (VC). 

3. Recruiting employees and building teams

If you need employees to run your business, then you have to look for them selectively. It is very important to choose honest and hardworking employees. Because you just started, you may not be able to recruit experienced staff because they will ask for a higher salary. It is better to recruit those who are still fresh graduates but have a high enthusiasm for learning, thus you can train these staff to become experienced.

Give them clear job descriptions and instructions, appropriate rights and obligations, and a professional work culture.

4. Take advantage of the connections you have

People who have been working in a company for a long time must have many acquaintances. This is very beneficial because it can provide direct access to potential customers. 

5. Take advantage of technology and the internet

In the current digital era, you must learn the digital way of marketing. You can utilize social media or a website which is an effective way to start promoting your business. The internet has made everything easy and fast, including starting and running your business.  

6. Prepare a tough mentality

It takes a lot of patience to start a business, as you may need to try some trial and error before you find something that fits.  Remember, don’t expect success overnight, and don’t be surprised if you encounter many obstacles later.  

If you have decided to leave your current position to be an entrepreneur, you may want to learn more about the legal aspect of your business to ensure a smooth-end process. Check out this site to find the best and most professional help from the field if you plan to incorporate your future business.