Free Office Suite Training Course on WPS Academy

Are you searching for free office suite training? Look no further than WPS Academy, where they offer a wide selection of courses to help you master Microsoft Office.

The Academy’s free video courses teach users how to maximize WPS office software’s full potential at no cost. Furthermore, they show users how to compose and present documents professionally and structured.


Spreadsheets are programs that enable users to store and organize data in tabular form. They’re ideal for analysis and displaying large amounts of information. Furthermore, some spreadsheets include functions for performing mathematical calculations.

The most basic function of a spreadsheet is to input data into columns or rows, which can be in the form of numbers, letters or both. Furthermore, you can add formulas that perform calculations on those numbers within cells – these functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Create text headings for columns and rows to easily identify them. These headings will appear in the Formula bar, which is visible when clicking a cell above it.

Formulas in spreadsheets tell the program what calculation you wish to perform on a set of numbers. For instance, you might add up all murders committed with handguns (B7), rifles (B8), shotguns (B9), other guns (B10) and firearms not stated (B11) during 2004.

This can be accomplished using a series of mathematical steps and formulae that update automatically as new numbers or altered the referenced data are entered. This saves time, enabling you to quickly generate reports that are easy to comprehend.

Another powerful aspect of a spreadsheet is its capacity for creating and displaying graphs. These charts illustrate how different data sets have evolved over time and offer an easy-to-understand visual representations of your results. With these tools, you can better comprehend your information so you can make informed decisions based on it.

Finding the ideal spreadsheet software for your needs involves assessing its features, functionalities, integrations and compatibility. For instance, if your business partners or clients use other types of programs, look into programs that integrate with those platforms to streamline workflow. Furthermore, consider investing in plugins offering extra capabilities for your spreadsheets.

Presentation suit

One of the most critical elements in your presentation attire is how well it fits. Since you will likely be standing or moving around while giving your speech, wearing something too tight or uncomfortable could hinder performance. Furthermore, wearing a suit that makes you uncomfortable gives off an impression that you are not serious about communicating your message or representing your company effectively.

A presentation suit is a form of business dress that completely covers the waist and legs. They can be worn by both men and women of all sizes – even kids and teenagers! Crafted out of wool or cotton fabric, these suits come in four classic color variations.

WPS Academy’s Free office Suite Training Course is an ideal option for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of WPS office software products. These courses are free and self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own pace on your own schedule.

WPS Academy offers a wide range of courses to fit your needs, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. No matter what level you need to reach, there’s sure to be something here that meets your requirements.

These courses cover everything from creating reports to designing marketing materials. Plus, they provide helpful tips and techniques designed to increase your productivity levels.

If you are looking to break into the business world, wearing a presentation suit can be an excellent starting point. They will boost your self-assurance and make you appear smarter than your competition, giving you an edge in the race.

However, remember that style isn’t just about how you look; it’s about how comfortable and stylish you feel in the outfit. Opt for something that satisfies both criteria.

In addition to comfort, you should also take into account your audience’s style. If presenting to an official group, opt for dark colors like black, charcoal, deep taupe or grey which elude power more than brighter hues and are likely to appeal to their sense of sophistication.


Word is an essential software program used by both students and professionals alike, helping you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease. In our Free Office Suite Training Course on WPS Academy you will discover how to utilize this program most efficiently.

This program is ideal for novices, but experienced users will also find helpful tips and tricks. Furthermore, there’s a supportive community of like-minded users to offer assistance and suggestions.

The primary goal of the program is to help you become more productive at work. It provides a range of courses that are all free to access. Furthermore, you get an integrated office suite for free use on your computer so there’s no need to spend money on software subscriptions.

For those who don’t require the premium features included with Microsoft Office, this program offers an ideal alternative. Not only does it enable you to save your files in various formats, but it also has numerous other useful capabilities as well.

For example, this program can be used to edit documents, create presentations and even print them out. Furthermore, its lightweight and fast design makes it incredibly user-friendly.

Furthermore, it is available free on Android, IOS, and MAC devices and compatible with Microsoft Office files. As such, it makes an ideal choice for anyone wanting to boost their productivity while working while on-the-go.

The program boasts a comprehensive library of tutorials and an active community of users who can offer support and advice. Plus, if you want to keep learning about the software, there are paid lessons available as well.

Kingsoft has been in the software business for many years, with their flagship product WPS being released in 1988 and now available in 11 languages. This app aims to combine various office suite tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF into one convenient app.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application designed to manage data and perform calculations. It has become widely used both for professional and personal purposes alike, and is also part of Microsoft Office.

Excel’s charts and diagrams are among its most commonly utilized features. These tools enable users to visualize their data, which can be beneficial when making decisions or streamlining workflows.

These tools can be utilized for creating reports, analyzing and comparing data, as well as creating graphs that depict patterns. Furthermore, they have the capacity to calculate taxes and other financial details.

Excel’s primary strength lies in its capacity for storage of information efficiently. This makes it ideal for managing client records, invoicing and other business operations.

It can also be utilized to monitor and organize employee schedules, payroll data and other work-related details. Furthermore, it has strategic analysis capabilities, where data and formulae are employed to inform business decisions.

Many businesses rely on Excel to manage their day-to-day operations. Indeed, many require employees to have at least a basic understanding of the software and how it functions.

Microsoft Excel is also widely used as a training tool in various industries and for professional development purposes. For instance, many temporary employment agencies assess their candidates based on their clerical skills using this popular spreadsheet program.

Another key feature of Microsoft Excel is the use of macros, which enable automation of repetitive tasks. Macro viruses were once a problem but are now typically blocked by antivirus products.

Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions use an XML-based file format that was introduced in 2007. This new standard makes it much simpler to open, modify and save your documents.

Therefore, sharing your work is much simpler. In fact, you can even access it from a web browser!

If you want to learn how to use Excel effectively and fully, WPS Academy offers plenty of free tutorials. These guides will teach you how to utilize the program efficiently and fully comprehend its functions, helping boost productivity levels and enhance workflow efficiency.