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If you aren’t aware or are not associated with email marketing, you may not know what a spam test is. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know what a spam test is and how it can immensely help you with reaching out to your present and potential customers via email.

As you know, email has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind. When there were no other social media platforms, a huge population of people communicated personally and professionally with the help of email. You would think that with the new apps coming up, emails have become obsolete. But if you think so, you are really mistaken. Not only is email one of the best ways to reach out to your customers, it is also estimated to be better than all other social media apps in the future and give you an amazing reach. So if you are a business or an individual or a digital entrepreneur who wants to make or increase your reach on the internet, then email marketing is for you.

What is email deliverability?

Email marketing is when you market or product your services directly to your customers by sending them emails. Email deliverability is your email’s ability to deliver your emails to your customer’s/client’s email. Email deliverability is a big concern faced by the digital entrepreneurs of today and needs quick solutions. The digital environment is a competitive one and even a little delay would mean a possible and substantial loss of business. However, there is a way that you can get out of this sticky situation. One of the many ways to solve your email deliverability problems is to take an email spam test. 

What is an email deliverability rate?

An email deliverability rate is a great tool to determine your email deliverability. This rate is measured out 100. The most optimum email deliverability rate is 100/100. However, if this seems unrealistic to you, then the best rate you can aim for is 70/100. Anything below this unacceptable and is a grave situation. If your rate is 70/100, this means that for every 100 emails you send to your clients/customers/subscribers, 70 are reaching their inboxes and the remaining 30 are reaching their spam boxes. There may be various reasons as to why some of your emails may be reaching the recipients spam boxes. Few of the many reasons are: the personal settings of the recipients email, grammatical mistakes made by you in your email, unprofessional email name and the like. Unfortunately, there are so many reasons that it is very difficult to pin point the problem till you take a spam test for yourself.

What is a spam test?

In order to get to the root of your email deliverability problems, you will have to first take the help of an email spam test service provider like Folderly. What folderly does is that ittakes your email and performs various tests on it to find the root causes of your problems. Once the root causes have been determined, what folderly does is that it gives you solutions so that you can take immediate action. The way that folderly performs a spam test is simple and quick. It takes your email and sends them to various other email ids owned by folderly and folderly’s partners. This will help folderly to determine your email deliverability rate and detect underlying problems. Once the problems have been determines, folderly will guide you by providing you tangible solutions to your problems. According to the various positive reviews online folderly helps immensely with solving email deliverability problems and in most cases gives you an email deliverability rate of 100/100.  Yes. It sounds too good to be true but what’s better is that it indeed is the truth and people across the globe have experienced it.

Is folderly safe?

If you are using email testing services for the first time, then you may be a bit sceptical when it comes to sharing your personal details. Given the unsafe environment of the digital world, folderly knows that is a valid concern. This is why the creators of folderly have made a security system that keeps your safety as a top priority. The safety standards are designed in such a way that make sure that your safety is never compromised. Folderly believes in professionalism and never lets unsafe parties get in the way. So if you are concerned about your safety, rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Is folderly affordable?

Folderly has a wide range of services spread across a wide price range. There are high priced services and also services that are affordable. All the plans have been decided to meet certain needs.  If you are a professional or a big corporate and need high priced services, you may select from a range of services. Same for small businesses and individuals who want affordable services. At the end of the day, Folderly has something for everyone.

What are the various services provided by folderly?

A number of services are provided by folderly and all of them help you to determine your domain health and improve it in case your domain isn’t doing well. The two most common services provided by folderly are the email test and the spam test. There are many other things that would help you perform an in depth analysis of your domain.

Conclusively there are many ways in which Folderly can help you reach your digital goals. Behind folderly is a team of experts who give in their 100% and provide best results. The various positive reviews on the internet only further Folderly’s claim of being the best email deliverability service providers on the internet. The only way to fully get to experience all the benefits Folderly provides is to come join us. If you are still sceptical, then you also have the chance to take a free trial to assess whether Folderly suits your requirements. So what are you waiting for? Come join us and never be limited by spam folders.

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