Five Must-have Items for Female Runners

Running is appealing to so many because of the low cost of entry into the sport. You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to join a team, and you don’t need to purchase extravagant equipment. However, for females especially, there are a few must-have items you’ll want to consider purchasing before you hit the road.

1. Essential Clothing for Female Runners

Let’s face it. If you run, you’re going to sweat. Wearing clothes constructed of lightweight, breathable fabrics will make running much more comfortable. Sports retailers will offer tops and pants in material that wicks away sweat so that you don’t feel weighted down by wet garments. When you need to layer for colder temperatures, you’ll want outerwear such as women’s performance jackets that will offer additional protection without extra bulk.

2. Essential Shoes for Female Runners

Depending on the amount of weekly mileage you plan to accumulate, you may consider purchasing specialized running shoes that you wear only during your workouts. These shoes will provide more comfort while reducing the likelihood of injury. Thankfully, a good pair can be purchased with a minimal investment.

Consider visiting your local running store to be fitted for a pair of shoes. Experts at these locations can analyze your gait and determine the footwear that will fit well. By purchasing shoes that complement your running style, you reduce the chance of them breaking down quickly.

3. Essential Bras for Female Runners

While many of these tips may also benefit male runners, this one is solely for the ladies. A sports bra is essential equipment for any female runner. Thankfully, any clothing retailer is likely to offer this style of bra, and sports apparel retailers will offer a variety of options. Running is a high-impact sport, so you should choose your style of sports bra accordingly. And unless you want to be constantly doing laundry, purchase several once you find the model that fits and feels best.

4. Essential ID for Female Runners

If you’re planning to hit the road during your workouts, you’ll want to be sure to always carry some form of identification on your person. If you are injured on the road, this will help emergency personnel to determine who you are. During warmer months you may struggle with this if your shorts don’t have a secure pocket in which to stow your ID. Some common tricks are to stuff your driver’s license down your sock or into your shoe.

Consider purchasing and wearing a customized bracelet or pendant that has your personal information and contact phone numbers stamped on it. Styles vary greatly, but you can find just about any type of wearable you want with as much or as little information on it that you need. If you have a serious medical condition, it may be appropriate to purchase a wearable that includes specifics that first responders will need to care for you.

5. Essential Protection for Female Runners

If you run on the road, you need to consider personal safety first above all else. Experts advise female runners to be constantly aware of their surroundings and to run during the day in high-traffic areas. If at all possible, avoid running alone. There is safety in numbers.

Many female runners, whether running alone or in a group, choose to carry with them a small canister of pepper spray. Others may find that running with a large dog helps them to feel safer. No matter what your method, plan ahead so that your workouts are as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

Running can be a fun and low-cost activity for females wanting to improve their physical and mental health. Thankfully, the sport doesn’t require a large initial investment. Athletic wear can be purchased at a reasonable cost from many clothing retailers, and even the perfect pair of shoes won’t normally break the bank. Add in a few items to encourage safety on the road, and you’re well on your way to an exciting career as a runner.