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In recent years, because of technological improvements all over the world and discovery of new types of currencies and possibilities, the global community started to require new types of services that can cover everything. However, today, we are facing so many online platforms that are providing users with their special services especially in the sphere of banking and finance. In this short article, we want to write about one online platform that gathered everything in one place and is providing it for users. FirstDirect and its services can be useful for any user in the world and can make many people’s lives easier.

FirstDirect & Its Possibilities 

As mentioned above, FirstDirect is an online platform that is providing its users with all necessary services that can be helpful and make their life easier. With this online platform, users will be able to have a bank account, get the overdrafts, have online and mobile banking and also link their accounts to Apple pay, Google pay and Samsung pay for more convenience. Additionally, FirstDirect is offering two types of Mortgages that can be helpful for all users around the world. With the Repayment type of mortgages and Offset one, users can be more comfortable. Also this platform is providing users with different types of credit cards and loans, saving plans and investments possibilities and also with international payments and travel money. As we can see, FirstDirect is providing users with all needed services for a better life. However in this article we want to write more about one of the interesting features of this platform that is available for users, the FirstDirect Insurance plans.

FirstDirect Insurance 

There are so many services that can be necessary for any user around the world. FirstDirect, currently additionally to all features and services that mentioned above, provides its users with the different types of insurance plans that can be useful for any person in the world. This platform provides three types of Insurance for customers around the world: Life insurance, Travel insurance and Home insurance. With Life insurance, FirstDirect is trying to help users to be ready for any future. With home insurance the minimum terms and conditions will be applied and with travel insurance users will be able to have first direct travel insurance that is valid for 30 days. Should be noted that beside all mentioned options, FirstDirect also is taking care about their users that today because of Brexit can be confused; their policy still valid and FirestDirect is covering them.


Definitely, in difficult times like now and with the improvements in different spheres of human life, the FirstDirect and its features can be counted as a good option for all users around the world. Briefly to say, FirstDirect is providing users all necessary services in one place, that can make life easier for people in current and future time.

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