First Time Using Bongs? Read This First, Future Weed Master

When it comes to using cannabis, what is the primary reason or purpose for doing so? That is, of course, none other than getting the feeling of “high”. So in order for you to achieve that wonderful and euphoric feeling, what would you usually do?

Perhaps the number one thing that you would do is none other than making use of the tool that they call bong. After all, when someone says cannabis or weed smoking, the thing that immediately comes into the minds of weed fans is none other than using a bong.

What is This Tool Called Bong, By The Way?

Bongs are the tool used by smokers in order to do their cannabis smoking activities. This has been widely used by avid weed smokers, whether it be during solo sessions or group smoking jams. This is has been a favorite tool by weed fans because of the fact that using this can bring immediate and strong effects to the person who uses it.

How Should You Use The Bong?

In case you did not know yet, each part of the bong has its own distinction and use. Despite the fact that every bong has its size and style, the parts and structure are all the same.

Bongs are easy to use! First of all, fill up the bong with the right amount of water, enough that a part of the down stem is submerged. Do not fill too much or too little, as the effects will not be fully experienced.

After that, you fill the bowl with the amount of ground weed that you like to use. Then put the bowl with weed into the down stem. Upon doing so, grab a lighter then light it under the bowl.

While doing so, put your lips inside the mouthpiece. Suck in it, but don’t inhale it so the water inside would bubble and fill the chamber. Now when you got the right amount of smoke inside, go and inhale it.

Types of Bong That You Can Buy

When looking for the right bong to buy, you have to decide on which material the bong you will buy is made of. Some of the most popular types of bong according to the material are glass, ceramic acrylic, and silicone.

Among these types, glass bongs are the most popular ones in the market. This is because they give out the purest and the cleanest taste when inhaled. Aside from the effects, glass bongs are popular with weed smokers because of the fact that these bongs are highly durable and will not easily crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Ceramic bongs are also known to be durable and can provide the best weed tastes just like the glass versions. The third one, acrylic bongs, are among the cheapest types of bongs and are also indestructible ones. This is, however, the least versatile one, as you cannot put on some additional accessories in it.

And lastly, silicone bongs can also provide a good quality of weed taste like the other types. But what makes them stand out is the fact that they are the easiest to wash and clean. Also, they, are durable, customizable, and come at a good price.

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